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Customer Satisfaction and Amazing Services: 10 Companies You Want To Know

Customer Satisfaction and Amazing Services: 10 Companies You Want To Know



Welcome back to another MeetAdvisors contest! Once again, we've got some companies that we're truly excited to share. These 10 businesses are doing some amazing things; be sure to check each of them out! Without further ado, here they are!

1. The Zebra 204

The Zebra

The Zebra is a car insurance platform that compares different rates from different providers in a clean and simple manner. They seek to make the process of buying insurance as straightforward as possible, believing their competitors complicate the process too much. When a perfect plan is found, users can sign up and buy it directly though The Zebra, turning an otherwise complicated ordeal into a simple process that takes just a few minutes.

2. Custom On It 143

Custom On It

Custom On It provides a wide range of products on which customers can put different images, logos, and brands. Catering to both personal and professional customers, they seek to provide as many possiblities as they can with their products, which has earned them a great deal of success. Helping individual people and national brands like NCAA alike, Custom On It is the leading option for customizable merchandise.

3. Teamings 134


Teamings seeks to offer unprecedented levels of productivity in meetings by tailoring them to fit the exact needs of their client. Teamings works to establish clear and specific goals to be completed during meetings, and their efficiency in creating the perfect meeting saves clients a great deal of money in conferencing costs. No matter the industry, Teamings can improve your meetings and save you money.

4. Snapathon 75


Snapathon is an iOS app that allows users to take pictures of runners in a race and tag them by their number. These photos are listed on a map, which can then be viewed by other users. If anyone finds a particularly striking picture, Snapathon allows them to purchase it, too, encouraging users to take creative and striking images in support of the runners.

5. BeenVerified 11


BeenVerified works to improve public data accessibility for users by offering affordable options for access to public information. Operating under the belief that anyone should be able to find this information, BeenVerified can offer a range of information aimed to improve the daily lives of users. With excellent privacy options and an app available on Android and iOS, BeenVerified is a perfect solution for those who wish to know more about others.

6. Congruent 8


Congruent offers top-notch IT services that range from software application development and maintenance to cloud computing services. With a team of experts across multiple countries, Congruent has managed to partner with industry leaders like Microsoft to create the best possible services for their customers, placing them at the forefront of the information technology solutions industry.

7. PathVu 4


PathVu seeks to improve sidewalks by mapping them out and improving their accessibility for everyone. With powerful data collection tools and expertly optimized software, PathVu easily maps different communities while allowing users to map their routes, take note of different sidewalk faults, and contribute to the overall collection of information. 

8. Nimbl 3


Nimbl is an SAP technology consulting firm that works to provide numerous services to businesses that are directly tailored to their specific needs. Their passion for SAP consulting has led to a great deal of growth, boasting a specialized team and superb customer satisfaction. As a trustworthy and transparent team, Nimbl offers real solutions in a timely manner, earning them a dedicated customer base that continues to grow.

9. Eventus Solutions Group 2

Eventus Solutions Group

Eventus Solutions Group offers customer engagement solutions through a wide variety of services, ranging from strategic operations planning to real-time management options. Their different solutions are specifically designed to assist each client uniquely, attracting well-known companies from multiple industries. As one of Inc's fastest growing private companies, Eventus Solutions Group has a bright future ahead of them.

10. Stoneside 2


Stoneside Blinds & Shades offers custom window coverings at highly affordable prices by providing in-home consultations with internet pricing. Because they are both the manufacturer and seller, Stoneside can entirely eliminate overhead fees and delays. With a wide variety of options and excellent customer service, Stoneside can offer what their competitors simply can't.

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