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Creativity and Success: Businesses With Passion

Creativity and Success: Businesses With Passion



Creativity and proper implementation are the two factors that drive entrepreneurs to find success in their ventures. Today, we present you a list of startups who have turned extraordinarily creative business ideas into a reality, much to the benefit of countless users. The success they've found has been well-deserved, and we'd like to help spread the word!

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1. Grovo 0


As modern technology evolves, different industries have had to deal with the increasingly problematic skill gap, as workforces are deprived of proper training. To deal with this gap, Grovo was founded by three entrepreneurs, Jeff, Nick, and Surag. A great idea came to when when one of them asked about the process of connecting Google Analytics to a Wordpress account. At that very moment, the three realized that many people don't have a source to learn the digital skills required for work. They built a platform to create, deliver, and track employee training, and thus Grovo was born. They saw their venture grow rapidly, and their content has become immensely popular amongst their clients.

2. Grado Labs 0

Grado Labs

Grado Labs is a Brooklyn-based company that manufactures premium headphones and phono cartridges. Established in 1953 by Joseph Grado, they started producing audio products. Slowly, the company grew and was renowned for manufacturing the world's finest phono cartridges in the 1960's. In the 90's, Joseph's nephew John Grado took charge, and currently his son Jonathan Grado is next in line to head the company. Grado Labs is supported by a long history of quality craftmanship and customer service, driving them to the forefront of audio technology.

3. Mebotics 0


Mebotics manufactures affordable, portable, and effective 3D printing and milling device known as the Microfactory. The idea to start such a company came when a group of friends were working together and thought that there must be a better way to produce the product they had to make. What distinguishes Mebiotics from their competition is that they allow people to not only 3D print with their devices, but also cut wood and aluminum. Users can easily make real and practical things, as opposed to just the fun of 3D printing only.

4. Evaptainers 0


Evaporative cooling is the process of refrigeration that doesn't require any electric power source. Evaptainers is in the final development phase of a device that can provide effective refrigeration through evaporative cooling. The potential for their product is great, as it would allow anyone to easily and cheaply cool anything. Far too much food is wasted each and every day thanks to inefficient refrigeration technologies, but Evaptainers looks to make this issue a thing of the past.

5. Shastic 0


Shastic is a great company that launched the first customer facing tool for banks on Facebook in 2012. They introduce the capability to turn Facebook into a channel for driving loan applications and to make everything easily available. The company is credited for encouraging banks to use Facebook to reach their audience. Currently, Shastic is focused on the mobile space, as many banks want to provide different services through mobile as well. Make your banking experience easy with Shastic!

6. Get Pocket 0

Get Pocket

Considering the sheer volume of content on the internet, finding what you need and centralizing it can be a challenging task. Nate Weiner always struggled with finding great content and would end up emailing links to himself while keeping multiple browser pages open. He realized that he was never able to return to the content that he wanted to read and eventually found himself wasting time, so he decided that he should be able to collect that content and read it in one place. Thus, Pocket was born, initially starting as a Firefox extension. It's rapid growth and popularity spurned the creation of an app, too. Improve your content with Pocket!

7. Astro Print 0

Astro Print

3D Printing is a very fascinating concept that sparks the imagination with the intriguing and exciting prospects it offers. Unfortunately, though, 3D printing hasn't really emerged as a consumer product yet. However, Astroprint is striving to change that fact. They make a cloud-based operating system for 3D Printers that allows users to remotely control a 3D printer from anywhere in the world, allowing 3D printing to become a viable option for interested users!

8. Gild 0


Gild is a great company at the forefront of the Smart SaaS Movement. There is quite a bit of data going into most SaaS systems that can be taken out as necessary. Gild allows users to take this data and use it to make the system smarter. For example, LinkedIn consists of self-reported data and there is no real analysis of user skill. Gild's founder analyzed it from a data science perspective and examines how these people were looked at by their peers. As such, consumer technology was made much smarter by focusing on machine learning and data science. Gild has been around for about 3 years and has been leading this movement in the recruiting and hiring space as well. In addition, it has about 350 renowned customers including Square and Trip Advisor. See for yourself why they've attracted such important clients!

9. Mitingu 0


Mitingu is a UK-based company whose expertise lies in elevating the delegate experience by providing an effective but simplistic approach to the management and organization of events. They allow users to create effective registration sites for managing delegates, letting them add maps and manage payments, while providing automatic tax collection tools as well. Check them out today!

10. CodeEval 0


CodeEval is a great community that allows developers to test their code. It is also a great tool for students entering the job market who want to showcase their skills through different challenges and competitions. Developers frequently use it to earn their reputation and prove their skills. CodeEval has built their brand by allowing users to test their codes, get tips from other programmers, and share knowledge while building a great reputation. 

Did we leave out any great options? Let us know; we might feature them in the near future!

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