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Creating a Lovable Image For Your Company

Creating a Lovable Image For Your Company



Many variables factor into the success of your business. Creating an image that not only catches your audience’s eye, but also gives them a truly pleasant experience, can make a drastic difference. For example, a catchy jingle such as State Farm’s, creates an image that reassures its customers that no matter the condition, they will be there for them. Here are a few companies that successfully built and created memorable images for themselves:

1. Jobsity 33


Jobsity is an outsourcing web development company that provides awesome developers from Latin America. We select awesome people and treat them like family. We feed them with knowledge, we teach them programming with passion and above all, we make sure they are the best. Jobsity has spent the last decade partnering with clients to deliver custom-crafted experiences. We want you to do what you do best while we craft the best code. We know that “outsourcing” is a loaded word. It conjures images of off-shore developers with poor communication skills that deliver sloppy, broken code. Jobsity is here to change all that. Think of us as your internal team that likes to work remotely. Don’t all developers like to do that anyway?


“Delivering a lovable company is built into our core values and mentality. It extends externally in the way we deliver our strategy and communicate with our customers.” - Santiago Castro, Operation Captain

2. SenEarthCo 8


SenEarthCo is cloud-based Condo/HOA Management Software. It enables homeowners, property managers, board members, and service providers to communicate quickly and efficiently. Property information, management, and accounting services are online and available in real time. SenEarthCo provides community intranets to people in common interest communities, homeowners' associations, condominiums, co-ops, and planned unit developments. Custom-designed to match industry requirements, SenEarthCo dramatically improves efficiency, speed, and communication.


“Our focus, through our corporate values, is to build employee relationships, trust and happiness. With this attitude, we have created an environment which outwardly radiates a loveable image.” - Michael Egelston, CEO

3. One Paper Lane 8

One Paper Lane

One Paper Lane is beautiful software with built in workflow that digitizes forms and paperwork that companies of all sizes use with their customers, employees, vendors and partners. It all happens in one simple, secure, and fluid workflow. All without paper. All in the Cloud. One Paper Lane automates critical business processes across your organization so sales, finance, marketing, and operations teams across industries can make better information driven decisions and get more done. With our rule based proprietary algorithm and SaaS platform, we are aiming to disrupt the traditional method of how companies manage forms and documents.


Simply put, Eliminating Paperwork with Happiness.


“Making a lovable business is about how you connect with your customer in our global business world. We aim to help business grow by running more efficiently through reduced paperwork.” - Gaurav Mirchandani, CEO & Founder

4. Yapp 3


Yapp is the easiest way to create a great looking mobile application in minutes. You don't have to be a tech guru or a millionaire to have your own iOS or Android app. Our easy to use app creation platform allows you to create apps for all type of events, gatherings, group, marketing, and small business purposes.


“Our real goal is to make our users successful by creating a lovable image of themselves and the event they are throwing. We focus on user experience and customer service which ultimately leads to their long term success.” - Maria Seidman, CEO & Co-Founder

5. The Drivers Lab 3

The Drivers Lab

We are a leading provider and strategic technology partner of home automation systems by Control4 and URC; we design and develop custom integration software, modules and drivers for the smart home automation industry. Officially founded in 2013, we specialize in developing and bringing to market solutions that integrate different hardware components with the today’s largest home automation system. Focusing on providing drivers and applications that deliver superior user interaction via leveraged engineering power and understanding of functionality within the user interface experience.


“Regardless of what you offer, customers love for your company will be based upon the quality of your customer service. We give the customers a warm feeling when we interact with them, we show them that it is not just about the money.” - Liran Machlouf, CEO

6. Offer Jar 3

Offer Jar

Online commerce is rapidly growing, but retailers do not have the answer to the most basic question: “What is the right price?”. OfferJar has come up with a simple solution to this question by providing automated, real time negotiation features for online commerce sites. Our customers are online stores, that want to move all, or selected goods, faster and will allow their customers to negotiate the price. The stores are set up on “auto-pilot” and no labor is needed. OfferJar is bridging the price gap between buyers & sellers with real time negotiations. Automated for sellers and Powered by artificial intelligence.


"For us being lovable is about simplicity and delivering the product people want at the price they want to pay. We focus on a lightning fast and an interactive experience." - Gershon Wajntraub, Co-Founder & CEO

7. Robofirm 1


Robofirm is an experienced systems integrator focused on providing best in class Magento eCommerce solutions. Our elite team has developed many of the top brands using the Magento platform. Let us tailor Magento to your business needs and become our next successful eCommerce launch.


“The social frontier is really, in today’s world, what creates a lovable image. Companies need to support and cultivate the atmosphere of the social communities that form around their brand. ” - Ryan Gellis, Sales Engineer

8. Shoes Dsire 1

Shoes Dsire

Are you a shoe fanatic? Here at Shoes Dsire, we have created a revolutionary way to snap and find the shoes of your dreams! Find all your favorite styles, browse your favorite designers and share with your friends! Shoes Dsire not only helps you find the shoes you’ve been dreaming of, but it also gives you exclusive deals on them too!




“Ultimately, the product needs to be loveable. People want a fun and interactive platform to connect, and in our case learn about shoes.” - Jane Bernacca, Director of Operations

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