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Lately I’ve been motivated to be more charitable, but I noticed something annoying in my search to give back to the perfect charity: it’s a lot harder to find than you would think. Since I don’t quite know what I’m looking for (but I’ll know it when I see it), my search results are not bearing much fruit.

Recently, however, I stumbled upon a site that isn’t a charity in itself, but acts as a guide for people who need some inspiration on the giving front. I spoke to Sam Davidson, the founder of Cool People Care, and he explained to me why now is the perfect time for his business to grow.

What is Cool People Care?

We're trying to save the world, one t-shirt at a time. In a society where we're constantly told that it's cool to drive a certain kind of car or drink a certain type of soft drink, we're trying to show - literally - that it's cool to care about a cause or charity. 

What was the inspiration?

Our founding team comes from the nonprofit world, working there in a time when two trends were emerging: 1) A large number of Millennials graduating college having grown up volunteering and now looking for ways to continue that tradition, and 2) The emergence of new technology (such as social media) that charities weren't using to reach that new generation of do-gooders. We hoped to connect these two groups via our website in order to raise awareness and money for organizations who badly need each. 



Who is your primary audience?

We reach people all over the world and we've heard stories from middle school students and grandparents alike. 

How has business been doing since you started?

It's been quite the ride! We were first-time entrepreneurs and much of our learning has happened on the job. Surely there have been mistakes, but we're thankful that our reach keeps growing, our audience continues to support the causes we work with via our merchandise line and the word keeps on spreading! 



What has your biggest failure been with Cool People Care?

It's taken us nearly five years to finally determine the best way to source, print, market, and distribute our T-shirts. It would have been great to figure this out sooner. 

What has your biggest success been?

We've been very thankful to have garnered national media attention with our work, as well as donate over $100,000 to different causes. That shows the great generosity of our audience. 



What about your service is unique that your competitors can't offer?

We're able to offer content that backs up our brand. Not only can you come to us for great shirts that support awesome and worthy causes; you can also read our blog or get our emails to keep you informed on ways to make a difference on your own. No purchase required.

What advice would you give entrepreneurs just starting out?

Fail quickly. Many times, the lessons of entrepreneurship aren't learned until you mess up. So, get that out of the way, learn from it, and do better next time. 



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