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Consultancy Fever!

Software and Management consulting firms have brought a revolution in the economic growth of various industries. They have streamlined the functioning and business of various Multinational companies in the world today. The number of Consulting firms are booming each day and have become quintessential for all small or big companies. Consultancy firms are required for proper planning, strategy and efficient allocation of resources to maximize the outputs. Here's a list of consulting firms that are excelling on a fast pace in their respective sectors.

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1. HCI Group, Inc. 0

HCI Group, Inc. is a consultant firm which owns subsidiaries engaged in diverse and characteristic business activities. The HCI Group provides consultancy solutions in - Property and Casualty Insurance, Information Technology, Real Estate management, and Reinsurance services. Homeowners Choice Inc.  is its largest division and a major provider of property and casualty insurance services in the state of Florida. HCI Group's common shares trade on the New York Stock Exchange.


2. Silicus Technologies 0

Silicus Tech. is a SaaS company which excels in providing end to end software development, outsourcing and consulting services to its clients. Their software development services span across commercial software development, custom application development , mobile application development , and  cloud application development. They also provide Technology consulting services, in which they excel in providing solutions in Sharepoint, SQL, Azure and Dynamics CRM.


3. Marathon Consulting 0

Marathon Consulting founded in 2002, provides services such as  IT strategy, systems design and real time support to streamline your business operations and boost productivity. Their headquarters are located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Their specialized services include - Outsourced IT services, IT consulting, Data Protection and Recovery and Virtualization (Cloud computing services).


4. Soft-Con Enterprises 0

Soft-Con Enterprises, Inc. was established in 1996. It deals in providing solutions for security infringements, administrative overlaps, software impairment, efficient  time management and various connectivity issues.  Their client list boasts of the famous  Federal, Educational, and Non Profit Institutions. The company provides may diverse IT services in many characteristic areas that include agile development, IT operations & security, software testing, project/program management and cable installation.


5. Professional Consulting, Inc. 0

Professional Consulting is  a firm which provides IT solutions to different companies. Their famed products include - i-EMS, which is an Enterprise Management Suite, which is an end to end solution for project management. i-HRS, which is  an HR management software and provides complete cycle of operations from planning to allocating resources. i-EMS, an integrated Electronic medical software for healthcare sector. Other services they provide are - Product engineering, Migration and porting services, Technology consulting, outsourcing solutions, Business Intelligence, Information management and other third party solutions.


6. Marq Energie Consulting 0

Marq Energie Consulting is based in Washington, DC. It's a consultant firm which provides solutions to companies, seeking integrated trade market strategies, marketing, advisory and other business solutions. Their famous clients include many MNCs and government departments, the World Bank, the U.S. Agency for International Development, PricewaterhouseCoopers and the U.S. Department of State.Their main expertise areas are FDI, US Market and Food and Wine sector. Recently, they have started providing consultancy services in other sectors like - Aeronautics, Automobiles, Electronics, Logistics and Real Estate.


7. Infojini Inc. 0

Infojini Inc. deals in providing quality IT services to its clients. Their expertise can be adjudged from the fact that their client list include government clients such as State of Maryland, State of Texas, State of Washington and State of California. Their other high profile clients include - Barclays Bank, Bank of America, Capital One and US Steel. Their services stretch over App Development, IT Infrastructure, Security and Onsite/Offsite Development.


8. Independent Catalyst 0

Established in 2002 by its founder Lance Thomas, Independent Catalyst is an IT consultant firm which provides specialized consultancy to business enterprises and companies. They had qualified for the Pittsburgh's 100 growing companies in 2011. The company is known for its transparency and honesty with the clients while ensuring top notch standards in strategy and management.


9. Digium Inc. 0

Digium Inc. were established in the year 1999. They are distinguished for their open source telephony software, Asterisk. The company's famous product line includes - Business phone systems, IP phones, VoIP gateway, Cloud services and add on products. Their telephony hardware and software enables resellers and customers to implement turnkey VoIP systems and to design their own custom communication solutions. 


10. Deloitte 0

Deloitte is a large company under which more than 210,000 individuals working in independent firms from around the world work jointly to provide audit, consultancy, human capital, risk, strategy, financial advisory, risk management and tax related services to its clients. All these individual firms are members of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited based in United Kingdom. Each of these firms are located around the world and provide services in particular geographic locations.


11. BlueGranite Inc. 0

BlueGranite Inc. was established in 1997. BlueGranite is a business analytics consulting enterprise which specializes in the business architecture development and design, implementation, and support for modern data platforms.  They are renowned for using tools from Microsoft. They provide solutions and services for Business strategy development, Data warehouse and Architecture design, Efficient organization planning, Data mining and Business intelligence.


12. Beacon Promotions, Inc. 0

Beacon Promotions, Inc. is a multiple award winning, promotional products supplier company. The company is managed by an impeccable team of experienced personnel. They offer a wide promotional product range which includes, bags, name badges, calendars, timetables, writing equipment, car tools and other accessories. It is one of the most dedicated and customer friendly companies in the promotional services sector at the moment.


13. SpearMC Consulting 0

SpearMC Consulting was founded in 2004, It is a technology and professional services company specializing in PeopleSoft Financials and Supply Chain Management, PeopleSoft Human Capital Management and Payroll, ERP Application Development, Project and Program Management, Change Management and ERP Training. Its consulting services include - IT Strategy and Architecture, Project Management and Operations Improvement. They also provide technology services spanning Application development, Business Intelligence and ERP Integration.


Know any other consulting companies we should have included? Let us know in the comments below and we'll consider it for our next list!

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