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Construction Zone: 11 Growing Construction Companies

From roads to the buildings we enter on a daily basis, someone has taken the time to carefully build those structures.  The aspects of the construction industry can be seen on a daily basis, yet oftentimes we forget what lies underneath the surface, which requires a lot of construction and attention to detail as well.  These 11 construction companies range from underground construction to building construction, and their dedication to their craft is impeccable.  Here are 11 we’ll be keeping our eye on!

Know any others we should have included?  Let us know and we’ll consider it for our next list!

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1. Dunn Construction Company Inc. 0

Dunn Construction uses their own equipment, materials, and people to build structures that you can drive on, park on, or land on.  Dunn Construction is the market leader in Alabama because their employees love what they do and deliver on their promises, no matter what.  Their commitment to quality is at the core of their business, hence why their team is committed to doing more than just getting the job right – it includes managing the job right, too.  Their high level of professionalism makes them stand out against other construction companies.

2. Gaines and Company 0

Gaines and Company is a recognized leader in underground utility work who has a national reputation for excellence.  In fact, Engineering News Record recently rated them as Maryland’s number one underground utility contractor and they also placed among the top ten in the nation.  What a great accomplishment!  They recognize the importance of being “green” and in an effort to minimize their carbon footprint, they are striving to use recycled materials in their pipes, recycle materials found on job sites, and use non-polluting equipment that requires less feul.

3. Foxx Building Services, Inc. 0

Foxx Building Services, Inc. is a specialized company that deals with various repairs and services, especially when dealing with commercial establishments in the Southern California area.  As a single source for virtually any property and building maintenance and/or repairs, they are a great partner for anyone.  They even offer emergency services that operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year! 

4. Flippo Construction Company, Inc. 0

Flippo Construction Company, Inc. is an employee owned general and heavy construction business operating company.  They are a full service general contractor with 250 employees, all of which they are dedicated to keeping safe.  Some of their services include heavy construction like bridges, concrete structures, utility installation, repairs, and more.  

5. Fisher Development 0

Fisher Development is a commercial general contractor who has a long legacy and a clear vision for the future.  Their specialties include new construction, remodels, green building, complex urban core projects, and much, much, more.  Their award-winning expertise in retail, corporate interiors, educational, and civic construction has made them a leader in the industry.  They highly value integrity, honesty, and respect before anything else when working on a project – to us, that is just as important as the services they provide.

6. First Florida 0

First Florida is a Florida general contractor that is headquartered in Miami.  They provide outstanding general contracting, preconstruction, construction management, and more throughout Florida.  Their expertise, personnel, financial strength, and track record of success make them a trusted partner in the affordable housing and market-rate housing markets.  Though they have had many accomplishments, the one that stuck out the most to us was the fact that in the past five years, they have built six million square feet of apartments.

7. DAVID Construction 0

DAVID Construction tackles difficult projects, while respecting critical deadlines.  They know what it takes to get projects done and are committed to finishing them on time depending on your schedule, whether that means finishing a project at night or renovating in a short time frame.  DAVID Construction can help you with all your construction needs.  DAVID Construction is a valuable partner that overcomes scheduling hassles in order to get projects done in a timely manner.

8. Colorado Structures, Inc. 0

Colorado Structures, Inc. does construction work, but they realize that there’s more to construction than just building things.  It’s about experience, expertise, and effort that people bring to the project in order to complete it in a time efficient and affordable way.  Their experienced and professional employees are invested in their client’s success, and always love to rise up against a challenge.  CSI manages construction projects, provides construction services, and designs and/or builds projects as well.

9. The Hill Company 0

The Hill Company sells, services, installs, and designs underground and aboveground storage tanks, environmental services and pumping systems for fuel, chemical, lubrication, and other fluid handling systems.  Their team of professionals brings more than 175 combined years of experience, which helps them be a cutting-edge company in a rapidly evolving storage system industry.  They are a full-service company – they design, engineer, install, service, and repair all of their products and provide up to the minute technical and regulatory expertise to be cost-effective, as well.

10. Payne & Payne Builders Inc. 0

Payne & Payne Builders Inc. have a successful reputation as distinctive custom homebuilders in Northeastern Ohio and Cleveland.  Their family-oriented atmosphere for customers and their pursuit and dedication to every detail, is evident in all of their custom homes that they have built.  Their team has worked hard in order to achieve various awards; most recently, the Custom Homebuilders Committee of the National Association of Home Builders awarded them with the 2009 National Custom Home Builder of the Year.  They are just the 4th company in the nation to receive the highest honor by the NAHB for custom home building as well.  Their commitment to excellence, customer service, and their community, makes them an easy choice for custom homes builders.

11. Gallagher 0

Gallagher is the choice of paving contractor for any sized project.  Their services come with experience and professionalism you can count on from day to night, time after time.  As third generation owners, they cover all your paving needs and more, including grinding, grading, milling, and more!  Their customers get the best-of-the-best technological advancements plus a team full of professionals who are dedicated to their work.

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