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Conquer Local SEO (Go Offline and Help Your Community)

Google is cracking down on how we optimize websites. The algorithm updates are becoming more and more frequent.

This trend of updates tells us, as Internet marketers, to stop cutting corners (i.e. excessive backlinking) and focus on providing valuable content.

The Pigeon update is a great example of why you can’t put all of your marketing efforts online. When Google makes an algorithm change, it can greatly impact all the work you put into ranking your website.

That’s why I want to propose a different approach to diversify your efforts and help your local search rankings.

Focus your efforts on offline event marketing so you can build up your links, reviews, citations, and increase foot traffic to your brick and mortar business.

How to Build Up Your Links, Reviews, Citations, And Increase Foot Traffic While Helping Your Community… Offline

I consulted a local law firm recently. It is a prominent and very well-known law firm in Dallas; they dominate TV commercials, radio, billboards, and have a solid online presence. They dedicate a lot of resources to marketing their business.

One marketing tactic stuck out to me in particular (in fact, it was how I heard about this firm before I even stepped into this meeting). Every major drinking holiday, such as St. Patty’s Day, the law firm advertises a special promotion. They state they will pay for anyone’s cab ride to avoid the risk of drinking and driving. You just have to send them the bill!

Now how does this help local SEO?

Before you attempt a campaign like this, make sure you have some general knowledge on local SEO. 

There are 5 things (if not more!) this campaign does for the law firm:

  1. Builds up their links – They create a landing page on their website with this particular offer. Since it’s such a great cause, there are plenty of other companies and locals that GLADLY share the link on their websites and social media.
  2.  Reviews – The fact they are helping the city reduce DUIs gives the community a brighter few of the company, so they have an incentive to write a positive review.
  3. Citations – Mentioning the business’ citation – name, address and phone number – greatly impacts local search results. Local websites (i.e. government, police, etc.) and local directories are more than happy to mention a citation that’s helping the community.
  4. Increase foot traffic – The buzz from a great campaign gets the attention of potential customers. Thus, it increases the foot traffic that comes in this brick and mortar.
  5. Helping your community – Most importantly, starting a creative, helpful campaign is the greatest reward of all! They are a business the gives back to their community.

Start a Creative, Helpful Event or Promotion

Now that you understand the benefits of starting a creative, helpful event or promotion, your next step is to brainstorm! Keep it relevant, keep it fun and get people talking. 

Do your research about event marketing, talk to specialists, and if you’re really in a time crunch, hire someone to help you.

Some ideas to get you started:

  • Beer Festival
  •  5K Fun-Run
  • Start a Fundraiser
  • Themed Party
  • Giveaway

What type of event or promotion would you like to start in your community? Have you heard of any successful ones recently?

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