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The home security industry has been around for a long time and many things about it have remained constant.  The systems are expensive, complicated and “one size fits all.”  Even as technology has moved forward and our lives have become more connected, this industry is one stuck in the past, clinging to its monthly subscription fees.

In 1999, a researcher at MIT proposed the term the Internet of Things to describe the idea of uniquely identifying and communicating with objects in daily life.  This concept was one ahead of its time and has only gained traction in the last few years as the technology required to make it viable has become cheaper, smaller and more energy efficient.  When applied to the home and security model, the Internet of Things changes the game and completely flips the model on its head.

ConnectSense brings the concept of the Internet of Things to the home, allowing homeowners to now be in control and monitor the world around them in new and exciting ways.  Now homeowners are able to customize their solution for monitoring their homes without the expensive monthly fees, need for installers, and archaic technology.  



With an incredibly simple installation method, customers can control and monitor their homes for changes in temperature, humidity, water, motion, light, doors, windows, cabinets, and much more.  All of this can be accessed from any device, anywhere in the world.  With powerful alerting options, customers are notified the moment something needs their attention, using the method they prefer: email, text message, or a phone call.  All of this is much easier to customize and use then what is offered by most home security systems.  

When it comes to costs, large corporate security and monitoring services typically come with a massive total cost of ownership due to the neverending monthly fees.  They sell these systems by playing to customers’ emotions, saying that the cost of “keeping your family and home safe and sound is priceless.”  These systems are difficult to install, often requiring a service person to come in your home and rip open your walls as they install something that will become a permanent fixture in your home, even if you decide to stop paying the company’s digital extortion fees.  You now have reliable, cost-effective options for keeping your home safe.  You no longer need to pay these outrageous fees.  Each ConnectSense unit is reasonably priced, especially when compared to the price you’d pay over the life of a traditional security system.   Your home and family can now be safe for much less, with technology that can be truly customized to meet your needs.



The units themselves connect to the ConnectSense cloud, a powerful application that watches over your environment and gives you the control to create powerful solutions for monitoring different aspects of your home.  It can let you know when you have left the garage open, when there is a leaky pipe under the sink, or even when the teenagers have gotten into the liquor cabinet.  This technology provides customers with the tools to creatively solve problems unique to their home and family, without having to settle for a “one size fits all” solution.

As technology moves forward and the concept of the Internet of Things enters our homes, the security system of the past is no longer something we need to settle for.  Companies like ConnectSense disrupt the old model and put control back into the hands of the consumer.  Consumers have dealt with the old methods of home security for long enough, and it’s time for new products that are more cost-effective, easier to use, and highly customizable to fit each of their unique needs.  


Written by Zev Ginzburg, Contributing Writer for www.MeetAdvisors.com

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