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Companies with Passion

Companies with Passion



Every company has to start somewhere whether from the ground up or with a lucky connection.  These ten companies below all worked diligently in order to make their hard work pay off. Each of these companies started off with a small idea or passion that blossomed into a thriving company. The founders of these companies have managed to keep their passions and dreams afloat and help many others along the way.

1. ImageVision Labs 21

ImageVision Labs

ImageVision is a leader and innovator in Visual Analytics for Big Data, whose mission is to help companies monetize their image and video content. Unlike Google, they do not use meta-tags to identify the photos.  They use an algorithm that allows ImageVision to search in a completely different fashion. This alogorithm involves Facial Feature Geometry and Analytics to identify user demographics. Currently, they have enterprise software that will eventually be available to consumers. ImageVision is committed to their customer’s success which is why consulting partners are readily available to help customers get the most out of user shared content, accelerate ROI, and reduce risk.

2. Camyam 5


Founded for years ago, due to the frustration of the inability to find a photography workshop, Camyam was created. Camyam is a photography marketplace that provides resources for all levels of talent. Camyam allows a professional photographer to list and sell workshops globally to other photographers. They have software programs and web services that can bring B2B, B2C, and sometimes C2C.  Most importantly, Camyam enables professional photographers and students who want to connect all over the world.

3. Metro Tech Solutions 4

Metro Tech Solutions

Founded in 2007, Metro Tech Solutions offers a wide range of consulting service to address all of your technology demands.  They focus on IT, so customers can remain focused on their core business. They build a relationship and become a partner for other businesses. They are committed to providing a good product and service as the foundation of the business. Metro Tech Solutions believes that IT should no longer be viewed as an expense, but as the thing which drives a profitable business.  They say that the first thing to think about when considering an infrastructure upgrade is what problem it will solve and what are the expectations of the product. Metro Tech Solutions motto is “Tech Simplified. Solutions Personalized.”

4. mTHINX Integrated Technologies, LLC 2

mTHINX Integrated Technologies, LLC

Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, mTHINX Integrated Technologies is a leading provider of intelligent connection solutions to measure, control, and capture data from edge devices. They enterprise grade platforms for stadiums, airports, theme parks, and much more.  The purpose of mTHINX is to bring the cloud closer to the sensors and devices in smartphones, meters, and other things so that technology can make a simple life in a time sensitive world.

5. OroCRM 1


Founded in 2012 by Yoav Kutner and Jary Carter, OroCRM was created with the idea that multi-channel businesses need a CRM built for their needs. The idea behind OroCRM is an open sourced, flexible, and customizable that has a platform-business application based on php. OroCRM commerce is built from the ground up to be better, faster, and cheaper.  They also believe that a robust CRM as well as a connection between the CRM and a backend platform is the future.

6. Heartland IT Consulting 0

Heartland IT Consulting

Founded in 2010 in a small apartment, Heartland IT Consulting grew through hard work and dedication.  Their mission is to deliver exceptional Oracle, value-added staff augmentation and consulting services across the United States and Canada. Heartland IT Consulting uses a Developed Resource Delivery Model that focuses on their integration with client needs. They work with independent consultants for each contract and provide a little bit of permanent placement as well.  Heartland IT Consultants don’t just complete the work, they become an integral part of the team as well as share knowledge and training.

7. Blitz Sales and Marketing 0

Blitz Sales and Marketing

The mission of Blitz Sales and Marketing is to accelerate the performance of channels by developing and implementing innovative marketing strategies for leading suppliers of TIC in America. They envision positioning themselves as a marketing agency distinguished by efficiency, innovation, and excellence, while promoting the use of technology in American countries. Blitz Sales and Marketing has been in business for six years, which allows them to hire teams of sales specialists that act as an outsourced team, lead generation, qualification, and territory management. They specialize in developing channel partners while consulting sales, training, and execution. Blitz Sales and Marketing covers all of the Americas through digital marketing, social media, and e-mailing.

8. Business ONETouch 0

Business ONETouch

Business OneTouch is a unique, all-in-one business service that publishes to the web and social media, tracks responses, tags customer activity, delivers correct offers, reports revenue, and manages your business. They believe that there is no such thing as marketing because the Fortune 1000’s do not guess, they remarket after seeing what the customer wants.  Business ONETouch focuses mainly on the analytics while believing that the future lies with small ecosystems of technology that are able to be shared to multiple businesses, in order to provide the quantity of scale formerly available to enterprise companies.

9. CareSet Systems 0

CareSet Systems

Founded by Ashish Patel, Fred Trotter, and Rick Trotter, CareSet Systems is the premier data analysis tool for healthcare. They are dedicated to providing information on how a healthcare system is functioning and can have a deep evaluation of networks of physicians using the CareSet technology. Accountable care organizations, hospitals, surgical centers, and many more organizations are taking advantage of this new innovative technology.  Even the entire insurance industry along with the legal industry uses CareSet's technology. CareSet Systems is the original developer of whole market analysis and is built on open, exclusive, and customer data.

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