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Companies With Innovation



With the upsurge of Technology, new types of businesses have evolved. With the incorporation of Broadcast and Internet services into mobile devices, discrete products and services have come into play. They are full of innovation and inventions while aiming at faster and a more efficient standard of living. Here's a list of ten such companies, specializing in different sectors and providing top innovative products and services - from cloud solutions, hotel room booking, fragrance filled jewelry to new ways of hiring luxury rides at low costs.


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1. Trunx 328


Trunx is a photo organizer that replaces your smartphone's photo library, storing images in the cloud so they don't take up space on your phone. But, how do you tell a life story when you have all of these different portals these days? Well, elephant is the symbol of an animal that never forgets.  Even with all the competing cloud-storage options, Trunx's great interface and extra features beyond the ordinary make it a worthwhile download. Among other notable features, Trunx allows users to create shared collaborative photo albums using a feature called SharedPix. To keep everything organized, photos can be arranged by date, time and tags. There’s also an option called EchoPix, which allows you to add audio recordings to pictures.

2. GoReserva 284


GoReserva is an open source hotel booking software system, designed to perform extensive and complex reservations in the easy graphical interface format. It is a very powerful yet simple hotel system ideal for end-to-end property reservation and automation. Being open source, it allows you to run everything from the server itself. It is a white label system, allowing you to host everything in your server including different types of files and databases. Moreover, you can synchronize your rooms, rates and availability across the all channels instantly, using the built-in GoReserva hotel channel manager. It has a simple functionality that suits hotels, apartments, hostels and guest houses.

3. VirtualQube 60


VirtualQube is a firm based near Seattle, WA. The company is led by its CEO Scott Gorcester, an IT veteran with more than 20 years of experience using technology to transform businesses. Sold mainly through channel partners, their stable, secure, and scalable cloud platform is flexible enough to meet the needs of most businesses. They continue to earn the respect and trust of their clients who appreciate the creative technology solutions they provide and their amazingly friendly and accessible customer support.

4. Vessel 44


Vessel was founded by Karen Carter and Susan Harward, long-time professionals in the Direct Sales Industry. Vessel revolutionizes the way women shop for jewelry and fragrance. Merging fragrance and jewelry into custom accessory pieces, Vessel creates the fusion of scent and style.  Vessel is a direct sales, home party company built to empower women and give them an opportunity to love their work while building a successful future for themselves. Vessel offers high-quality jewelry items such as chains, lockets, charms, ribbon and cord necklaces and accessories. Their one-of-a-kind, patent-pending scent system combines beautiful lockets with unique ScentSpheres. Perfume is infused into the ScentSpheres, which are then placed into the lockets. The fragrance will last for several days, after which new scent vessels can be used with the perfume of your choice.

5. CloudEndure 17


CloudEndure provides Cloud Migration and Cloud Disaster Recovery for any application, freeing companies to mobilize entire applications with their data to and across clouds with near zero downtime and no data loss. CloudEndure enables truly consistent, block-level, real-time replication using continuous data protection (CDP). CloudEndure’s Cloud Workload Mobility technology creates an exact copy of the entire application at an alternative cloud location – at the touch of a button, within minutes, and with the latest data.

6. Via 3


Via is changing the way people get around cities. Using their app, a luxury ride booked on your phone costs little more than the bus. Via's revolutionary technology allows passengers to seamlessly share their ride. They're currently live in New York city and rapidly growing. Via is hoping to gain traction in the Big Apple by allowing customers to book trips through an iPhone app that lets customers save money by helping them split rides with strangers. The service, which picks up patrons and drops them off within a block of their desired locations, is able to keep its prices low because riders share trips with others going in the same direction.

7. eyesFinder 2


eyesFinder is the leading developer of comprehensive visual search technology. Their patented technology allows users to take a picture and do a search of anything—whether it’s a cool pair of shoes or a particular skyscraper in the city skyline.  They partner with companies in a wide variety of industries who incorporate our visual search capability into their products. eyesFinder is based in Los Angeles, CA. Their growing team brings together diverse and complementary skills in engineering, consumer marketing, business development, and sales. Their active intern program also attracts talent from the country’s top-tier engineering and business programs—including CalTech, UCLA, and USC.

8. BiddingForGood 2


BiddingForGood is a charitable e-commerce company that connects fundraisers, cause-conscious shoppers, and socially responsible businesses. Since their founding in 2003, their core mission has always been to position their clients for the greatest fundraising success possible. This is a movement, a virtuous circle whereby the organizations that are doing such important work in the world can find new fundraising opportunities and tap into the discretionary spending of generous consumers. And, businesses can donate products and services to amplify their charitable impact while helping other customers raise more money.

9. Olive 1


Olive HD Music Systems and Servers and wireless multi-room players deliver breathtaking sound, all over your home. With glowing reviews by the NY Times, Business Week, Stereophile, Sound & Vision, Forbes, The Financial Times and many more, Olive is bringing audiophile sound quality to digital music for everyone. Their products and services include - Music Server, Wireless Docking Station, Wireless Home Audio Systems, Digital Music Storage, Digital Music Players and Multi Room Audio

10. IT Avalon 1

IT Avalon

IT Avalon is a professional services firm offering high quality IT consulting services. They are exceptional at helping their clients achieve their objectives for growth, operational efficiency and competitive advantage through innovative and cost effective business technology consulting solutions. With more than 30 years of industry experience, they know how to address the cultural and economic needs of their clients. They expertly assist candidates in navigating through their own career progressions and create and maintain valued community partnerships. They provide services in IT Project Management, Business Analysis, Software Development, IT Infrastructure Database, Intelligence Data Integration/Data Warehousing and IT Asset Management.

Know any other companies we should have included? Let us know in the comments below and we’ll consider it for our next list!

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