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Companies with Creativity

Companies with Creativity



As much as we all would like it, sometimes there just isn’t a second chance. We have to get tasks done correctly the first time or a business could take detrimental damage. Frustrations run high when things don’t go the way we want them to, and people will get upset. Turn to the twelve companies below that will make your business a success while eliminating roadblocks along the way. From a silent dance party to simple financing processes, these twelve companies will make your day that much easier while preventing mistakes that could lead to deficits.

1. h323HD, Inc. 12

h323HD, Inc.

h323HD, Inc. specializes in building and designing new or transforming and supporting existing conference rooms by installing and configuring State of the Art video conferencing and audio visual equipment. They work with everyone from non-profit to fortune 500 and hospitals because it all depends on what you want to accomplish when you have a conference room. h323HD, Inc. works everywhere from New York to Abu Dhabi, and they stand out thanks to their vast network and trustworthy ethos. h323HD, Inc. is quickly growing with no signs of stopping thanks to their unique service.

2. CCN 10


CCN, a part of parent company Haley Stuart Group, has been in business for over twenty years. Haley Stuart Group has five divisions, offering IT staffing and consultations. They believe that you are as good as the people who represent you, and they ensure that each client is fully satisfied. They focus on culture as well as technology, adapting to individual company needs. With a focus on small to mid-sized companies, specialized offerings are important to Haley Stuart Group, and their team of passionate experts do whatever it takes to make sure the client is happy.

3. Party Headphones 6

Party Headphones

FOunded in 2012, Party Headphones collaborates with event professionals to hold silent disco events within their vision. A silent disco is a unique concept where instead of the traditional loudspeaker/PA system all participants wear wireless headphones synced to a transmitter. Party Headphones has done events ranging from Sweet 16’s to Fortune 500 corporate events. They believe that the world needs more fun more often, and they are disrupting the events world by providing a product that  allows users to hold parties that last longer with a unique and memorable touch to any special moment. Party Headphones works with RedBull, MTV2, MoMA, Viacom, Magic Hat, Relay for Life, and many others in order to bring a little bit more fun and positive vibes into the world. Party Headphones is truly on the forefront of premium radio frequency technology within the entertainment sector, and they look forward to releasing new products in the future.

4. Slide UX 5

Slide UX

Slide UX is a service that helps and consults clients design and create mobile, web, and desktop applications for retail, high-tech, healthcare, and many other fields of business. As a design consultancy, they work to fix complex and messy information, turning it into clean, simple, and accessible experiences. They think a lot about their clients business, but they also have to keep their own problems in check. Slide UX innovates and discovers pain points for their clients while trying to avoid them. They specialize in using the existing systems for creating new opportunities. They practice what they preach in order to help their customers have better experiences. They are different from others similar to them because of the way they engage with their clients closely. Slide UX has the title of UX practitioner and that will probably will never go away. Slide UX has definitely been a change in research that made a brand on UX possible.

5. Brighter Talent Consulting 4

Brighter Talent Consulting

Founded due to an opportunity to help companies, Brighter Talent Consulting helps companies attract talent by optimizing the recruiting process and improving employee retention. They plan to go in and revamp or optimize and align technologies. Brighter Talent employees are recruiters, not sales people. They believe that talent aquisition is different than just HR which has so many different hats. Brighter Talent Consulting was started due to a lot of companies neglecting important things like grammar or spelling in their job postings. Brighter Talent Consulting knows that companies are rushing to hire, but they also believe that there is no need to sacrifice quality because  couple of bad hires in rapid growth can significantly hurt a company. They advise to spend the time and resources on building a talent infrastructure.

6. BidSwitch 3


BidSwitch provides immediate and seamless real-time access for Supply and Demand Partners across all media types. They have real time bidding to get an add on a page. Customers put out a request to an add service and then auction with a few hundred other brands. BidSwith is simply managing the campaigns. As they evolve they are managing all of the connections. BidSwitch is a one to many connection so the dsp can connect once and go into UI and turn on more than seventy different SSP’s. All in all, BidSwitch allows platforms to quickly enable new buyers or sellers, enter new geographical regions, and turn on new media types all through a single integration.

7. ISO Interactive 3

ISO Interactive

ISO Interactive gives honest estimates, assembles the appropriate teams, and develops unique experiences. They come to collaborate with companies or agencies when work needs to get done. ISO Interactive believes they are the superheroes of the mobile and virtual world. They focus on effective timelines while still creating amazing products. They have a fun and interactive website which creates an innovative experience. ISO Interactive has amazing ideas for ios and developing some useful business software. ISO Interactive focuses on doing things right, the first time.

8. Puppet Labs 3

Puppet Labs

Due to frustration with all the tools required to use for IT, Puppet Labs was founded in 2005. They developed a software that allows users to automatically change all of their servers. They work with companies of all shapes and sizes. Since every company is becoming a software company, they have to be able to update their software constantly in order to stay innovative and on top. Puppet Labs is disrupting the way that the really large tech companies are automating things because most companies aren’t using any sort of automation which allows for growth in the future. Puppet Labs believes that companies don’t just invest in IT because they want to, it is a matter of survival.

9. Captivion 2


Created by a group of entrepreneurs and investment bankers who wanted to simplify the financing process for small businesses, Captivion connects people with the best way to get a loan. Banks make money when they loan money, but the challenge is that banks are going to market today the same way they did thirty years. Captivion doesn’t work with startups, but rather with existing business that are looking for the best source of financing. This mantra has given them a success rates over fifty percent. They hope that banks start to understand that they are going to have to be smarter about the way they go to market, and Captivion’s is a key way to reach new customers. The company's main goal is to make things easier and transparent for entrepreneurs when looking for capital.

10. Sweigh 2


Founded close to two years ago, Swell began with the concept that social media as a two way communicator is broken. Thier main idea is to make it easier for people to respond to others by making it an a/b response. Basically, instead of a like, you are getting a plain clear cut response. Any publisher can take this widget and connect it with their articles. Sweigh is on about ten sites now and ten percent of people are creating most of the content. Sweigh’s goal is to get the widget on as many articles as possible. All in all, Sweigh is a real-time social sentiment platform that reinvents how online publishers and bloggers interact with their readers.

11. Kraft Kennedy 2

Kraft Kennedy

Kraft Kennedy is a multidisciplinary consulting firm with expertise in technology and management consulting. Founded in 1988 by Pete Kennedy and Michael Kraft, the idea was to bring tech into the legal vertical. They were seeing many mainframe offering and felt that networks were the next big thing. IBM helped start this so they began talking to law firms to help them complete their job better. Kraft Kennedy is like lawyers serving the IT department. They have taken firms off of mainframes and put them into a distributed network over multiple cities. There aren’t that many IT firms that focus specifically on law, and Kraft Kennedy is the only full service organization in the country that can address the various areas of a firm. They do a lot of testing new products and want to be able to talk to clients easily, quickly, and accurately.

12. Object Oriented Design Group, Inc. 2

Object Oriented Design Group, Inc.

OODG is a design team that believes in bringing the right size team to the task. They work with companies to try and get their companies to be inter-operative which is something new for the medical device industry. OODG came up with the big black box - which is completely self contained and can go from anything from home hosting to a mid sized data center. There is everything from amazon web services to stuff on site with a perfectly good place to hold intellectual property in a standardized cloud. OODG is a lights out data center with no IT staffing. In the future OODG is trying to be more specialized than a large data center.

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