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Companies Taking Away Your Financial Woes

Whether you own a business, or are an individual needing a financial service, these companies can help. They range from retirement planning companies, to lending companies. They are everything you may need for financial help! 

Vote for the company you think is making waves in the financial service industry so they can make it to the top of the list! 

1. Quest CE 3355

Quest CE works with the financial service industry to provide continuing education and compliance technology. With regulatory challenges changing constantly, they are dedicating to remaining on top of the innovation game. Their mission is to provide advanced custom solutions at cost effective rates.

2. Chargebacks911 2372

Chargebacks are an unfortunate issue that happens to all merchants. Chargebacks911 was created after many years of struggling as a merchant; they saw a need for a company to help businesses re-coupe from the loss of funds. Chargebacks911 not only helps businesses once a chargeback has happened, they also help curb future chargebacks so they don’t affect processing abilities. Chargebacks911 offers no setup fees, a win-loss report, consulting service, and a pay per use program for clients. 

3. Total-Apps 1539

Total-Apps is an advance payment processing solution that helps clients boost sales. Payment processing can be a tricky decision to make for businesses. Total-Apps is totally customizable for clients, it allows them to take cards in a retail setting, web, and mobile. Their goal is to double clients existing business by helping them process cards the right way.

Their processing system includes device finger printing, mobile credit card processing, Ecommerce and more.

4. The Online 401(K) 418

Online 401 (K) brings affordable, online retirement plans to small and growing businesses and individuals. They understand that every individual has different needs when it comes to a retirement plan, and they have options for them. They focus on helping small businesses with their retirement plans. 

5. Provident Trust Group 174

Provident Trust Group is an independent corporate trust company located in Las Vegas. They provide customers access to many advantages afforded by trusts under Nevada law, regardless of the clients location. They serve clients in fifty states, and provide a range of small family trusts to multi-million dollar accounts. They offer everything from Roth IRA’s, Solo 401K’s, and SEP IRA’s. 

6. Tax Guard 11

Tax Guard offers commercial lenders insight into their clients’ real-time tax risks, before IRS tax liens are filed. Tax Guard helps lenders decide whether or not to give a buyer a loan. They point out that their may be hidden tax liabilities that the lender can not find. Tax Guard has all of the information lenders need to make a good decision. They use people to gather information directly from the IRS so lenders can see all potential problems before giving a loan. 

7. LenCred 8

LenCred is a company working to make small business financing simple. They connect small business owners with the working capital they need to start and grow a business. They have a library of small business financing resources available for small business owners. They work with clients to get them loans so they have the funds to start their business. They offer help with business credit lines, factoring, SBA loans, and equipment financing. Starting a business can be very difficult, but LendCred is working to make it easy. 

8. The Noble Group 7

The Noble Groups is a health and welfare firm, working to manage investment options. In 2010 they were named one of the Top 10 most influential retirement advisors in the country by 401K Wire.

They tailor their services to each company’s specific needs, and size, so you can rest assured that you are getting the best plans for you. They offer guidance to organizations, about their retirement plans. They also provide framework for managing your health and welfare benefits, and provide investment services to employees. 

9. You Need A Budget 7

You Need A Budget is a program for people, who may be having financial difficulties. It teaches users everything they need to know about budgeting their money, in order to save. The YNAB interface is available for web and mobile use, and helps people make informed spending decisions, manage their money, and save more. Many people have trouble budgeting on their own, but You Need A Budget works with consumers to find the best budget for their needs. 

10. Base Commerce 7

Base Commerce is an API driven payments platform that enables any company to accept payments easily. They transcend traditional payment platforms by providing businesses with features and functions that help keep fraud minimal. Base Commerce works with companies to allow them to accept payments online, and through mobile applications. They include early warning detection, fraud screening, and check guarantee. 

11. eCreditAdvisor 7

eCreditAdvisor helps clients achieve their financial goals so they can have a secure credit. They offer credit counseling and identity theft mitigation. They maximize peoples credit score with a 5 cycle approach. 

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