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Communication, Teamwork, and Solutions - Oh My!

Communication, Teamwork, and Solutions - Oh My!



Welcome to another MeetAdvisors contest! We're featuring 9 companies eager to change their industries and launch it towards the future. Each company is characterized by unique and driven values, and we're excited to showcase them. Without further ado, here they are!

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1. TeamSnap 18576


TeamSnap is an app that allows users to quickly and conveniently manage their sports team by offering roster contact information, calendars, and group messaging, amongst other services. With both free and paid plans available, team managers can easily find the right option and make management simpler than ever. TeamSnap has earned numerous awards for the quality of the app, and they continue to grow and help others with each passing day.

2. BCM One 15820


BCM One is a business technology company that works to improve and streamline communication amongst businesses. By offering unique advantages found nowhere else, they offer industry-leading solutions that have led to a great deal of success, and their clients have reaped the rewards. Providing custom solutions and total transparency with clients, BCM One continues to prove their worth as a leading technology solutions firm.

3. Teamchat 1379


Teamchat is a crowd messaging platform that adapts to the needs of users and allows them to easily connect with one another. With the goal of improved workflow, the app is a cost-effective method of streamlining communication amongst teams, no matter how large they may be. With a user base that continues to grow, Teamchat has helped innumerable teams streamline communication and effectively boost their business.

4. Istonish 895


Istonish is a technology solutions company that provides a variety of services, including cloud solutions, security, and talent acquisition, amongst many others. With a passion for delivering excellent results to their customers, they've established themselves as industry leaders who do whatever it takes to satisfy client needs. As a minority and woman-owned company, Istonish constantly seeks to innovate in unique ways, pushing them to the forefront of their industry.

5. Greystone Technology Group 170

Greystone Technology Group

Realizing that technology is rapidly changing and technology services aren't, Greystone Tech works with clients to reverse engineer their service and customize it to their exact needs. They provide services ranging from system administration to compliance management, and their customer testimonials speak volumes about the quality of their work, and their drive to continually push technology services forward has rewarded them with a highly dedicated customer base. 

6. Faction 61


Faction is a cloud solutions company that provides a wide array of services for public, private, and hybrid cloud users. Fully customized and reasonably priced, their solutions succeed thanks to Faction's drive to launch cloud services into the future. Describing it as a revolution, their team of experts is dedicated to providing durability and customization that's simply unmatched.

7. SEP Software 7

SEP Software

SEP Software offers software backup services aimed to ensure piece of mind and maximize efficiency, and has been doing so for a few decades. Their expertise in finding the right solution is unmatched, and where backing up data typically takes days, they have it done in mere hours. Offering both products and training, SEP Software does everything possible to ensure maximum results for their clients. 

8. Vertiba 5


Vertiba is a Salesforce consulting platform that implements Salesforce services for the public sector, health life sciences, and other industries. As one of Colorado's fastest growing companies, their team continues to grow in size and has expanded into multiple states, where they continue to flourish. Their pursuit for excellent customer service has driven them to successfully complete hundreds of Salesforce projects with superb results. 

9. Worry Free Labs 4

Worry Free Labs

Having been in the app development industry for 10 years, Worry Free Labs understands what it takes to turn a concept into a full product. Assisting clients with each step of the process, they provide specialized support tailored to individual needs, ensuring clients receive unique and flawlessly crafted apps. Serving both startups and multinational enterprises, Worry Free Labs can offer the solution you need. 

Think we forgot about a great company? Let us know; we'd love to feature them!

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