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Common Uncertainties EVERY Business Faces

Common Uncertainties EVERY Business Faces



Along with starting a business comes a great amount of risks. Your business or company will deal with uncertainties on a daily basis, whether you’re just starting out, or continuing to grow. It’s only natural that you’ll have second thoughts about your originally “brilliant” plans. Luckily, you are not alone when it comes to doubting yourself. Even if your competitors or rivals are not expressing their stress, they are experiencing just as much as you are. When your moments of indecisiveness come, remember that everyone is in the same boat as you. Here are 12 uncertainties every business faces:

1. QGenda 72


QGenda provides web-based on-call physician scheduling software to assist hospital based physician groups manage the complexities of their work schedule. QGenda’s individualized settings meet the needs of specialized personnel of any medical group including the specialties of Anesthesiology, Cardiology, Emergency, OBGYN, Hospitalists, Pathology, Radiology, and CRNAs.


“Our biggest uncertainty is how long we can keep up our explosive growth and stay ahead of our competitors. We want to make sure we always have the right team and resources in place to continue to serve our customers in the best way possible.” - Brian Akselrad, Director of Operations

2. Snapcious 6


Snapcious delivers true and lasting mobile engagement.

• A white-label visual social platform

• Evolves with your campaign strategy

• Fully customizable, reusable, and scalable

• Integrates fully within existing iOS/Android Apps

• Shares across top 10 social media networks

• Grows/tracks consumer base

• Strengthens customer relationships and rewards loyalty

• Spreads your brand virally & naturally


Any campaign.

Any message.

Any audience


“You need to be proud, creative and passionate about what you do. Use your imagination for good.” - Yael Swerdlow, CEO & Co-Founder

3. Change Sciences 4

Change Sciences

Change Sciences provides user experience research and strategy for forward thinkers and smart companies. Know precisely how your site compares to peers and other sites on the web. Find your opportunities by seeing your performance across more than 40 metrics. Use meaningful summary metrics to track over time and across design iterations.


“Embrace the uncertainty, there will be moments every day that you will encounter that challenge you. OVercoming the challenges is part of business and will continue to make you successful.“ - Pamela Pavliscak, Founder

4. HoneyCo 3


HoneyCo is a full service web design and development firm based in New York. We provide insightful online strategy and integrated technology solutions including creative design, application development, infrastructure, IT management and support. Our strategically driven methodology results in solutions that not only make our clients more efficient, but also create real competitive advantage for your business.


“The biggest uncertainty is to know when to hire outsourced talent or keep the work in house. Finding the right balance of growth and profit is the key to long term success. ” - Quinn Shanahan, Partner

5. Entrepreneurial Business School 2

Entrepreneurial Business School

Financial and Social Change through Skill and Mind-set Advancement. Bruce Campbell is the Director of Entrepreneurial Business School, and is 3 Time Winner of Global Coach of the Year. Bruce has done business in 31% of all the world’s countries and was awarded the coveted "Global Coach of the Year" for 2009, 2010, and just recently awarded this prestigious award for the third time in 2013. With over 19 years business development experience in a variety of industries Bruce’s expertise in business strategy, marketing, sales, international business, foreign exports and human resource management stem from working in a diverse range of industries including Food, Agriculture, Engineering, Pharmaceuticals, Mining, Oil and Gas. Bruce has served as a Director and Senior Manager on numerous management teams in Australia and the UK (of which he was the youngest Director in a 60 Million GBP turnover company at the age of 25).


“The first uncertainty in business is lack of knowledge and skill, followed by a lack of  having accountability and finally is a lack of critical thinking time. These basics are what trip up many businesses professionals even though they are so easy to overcome.” - Bruce Campbell, Founder

6. Cinematique 2


Cinematique is the world's first touchable video platform. The platform has been carefully crafted by filmmakers and technologists to provide the best experience for viewers without interruption and ad overlays, while helping brands effectively monetize and achieve ROI from their video campaigns.


“Today there are many people that will share expert advice with you, but it is essential that you listen and then apply that advice within the context of your business. Remember, you are the expert, looking in and offering advice from the outside is relatively easy, but always stay within your vision.” - Kyle Heller, Co-Founder

7. Pro4ia Inc. 2

Pro4ia Inc.

Pro4ia provides expert Technology Project Management and proven Technology Consulting Services through experienced “Subject Matter Experts” to Fortune 1000 corporations as well as small and medium sized businesses (SMB). Pro4ia has grown into a dynamic and highly skilled team of professional consultants and has successfully completed technology projects nationally and internationally. Our approach with our clients is a personal one. Our commitment stems from the Pro4ia culture that treats each project as an important extension of your business, no matter what the size or scope. Pro4ia Principals are engaged throughout the life of a project offering expertise, knowledge of previous project outcomes and guidance.


“Having a diverse client base from many industries is the key to risk management for a small business. We focus on having no client exceed a few percent of our overall business and make sure that as industries have ups and downs, we are insulated from that affect.” - Sergio Deligiannis, Executive

8. LOV Inc 2


“LOV – The Smarter Dating App” is launching in Spring 2015. LOV is free (no ads) and uses our matching solution SparkDNA. SparkDNA uses your social footprint—Facebook posts, bio, comments, etc.—to determine your personality before matching you with people with whom you will actually be compatible. No long, useless, easy to fool questionnaire required.


“Being risk averse can hinder your ability to move forward. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes and be wrong when it comes to moving the business forward.” - CJ Carter, CEO

9. Tekscape 1


TekScape is an industry-leader in advanced and tailored IT solutions. Our mission is to provide a results-driven and business-minded approach to technology services with ease, agility, and obsessive focus on customer service. We specialize in networks, data center, collaboration, cloud and managed services across all verticals. Our dedication to facilitating the growth and enhancing the business practices of our clients is unparalleled to the competition. With a unique approach to high-level engineering and professional consulting, we empower our clients to thrive by reducing overhead and increasing profitability. As our expertise in the industry has proven, most integrators can “sell” technology, but there are few that can incorporate a full comprehensive approach to all of your technology solutions and management as TekScape can. Our unique ability to map business processes and technology together with our business-centric staff sets us above.


“With the new pay as you go IT services, costs are right sized for every business. Businesses can start up more quickly and cost effectively by taking advantage of just the right amount of service and products they need.” - Dave Smith, Founder & CEO

10. Genesis Software 1

Genesis Software

With over 25 years experience in business software development, Genesis Software is uniquely positioned to optimize the return on your technology investment. Our collaborative approach to software development ensures stakeholder involvement throughout the software development process. This, combined with our ability to adapt to evolving circumstances, results in robust software custom designed for your business.


“Maintaining cash flow is one of the most important aspects of operating a small business. Regardless of how great the solution that you provide, if you do not have cash and a well thought out strategy on using it, you will inevitably run into trouble.” -Stephen Cherin, Vice President

11. Curbstand 1


CurbStand is redefining the valet industry, elevating the customer experience and upgrading the traditional valet business operations. Historically, there has been very little motivation for valet operators to change the way they do business. However, times are changing. With a new generation of consumers that demand accountability for services and ease of use of products, CurbStand is doing to valet, what Uber is doing to the Taxi industry.


“In the competitive market today, finding the right people who can wear multiple hats is one of the biggest uncertainties you can face. Beyond that, speaking with local experts before expanding into a market will be the key to preventing uncertainty around your growth.” - Serge Gojkovich, CEO

12. Bluestream Health 1

Bluestream Health

Bluestream Health is a technology company that provides a platform for the delivery of remote expertise in a healthcare context through audio, video and text. Our platform, Bluestream, allows users to request and receive specific expertise from within other healthcare tools such as electronic education materials and communication/workflow tools, or simply via a standalone webpage or mobile app. The Request Expertise Widget: is delivered on its own or embedded in third-party tools and websites that allows the user to broadcast a request for remote expertise across our network. With the Remote Expert Platform you receive a set of web-based tools to create both real and virtual call centers focused on any set of expertise. Individual experts can place themselves in our network, or aggregators of expertise like 1st-or-3rd-party nurse triage and interpretation call centers can place their resources on the network systematically.

Finally, our Provisioning Engine is a highly-scalable, cloud-hosted application server that maintains real-time awareness of resources (remote experts) on the network and manages requests for remote expertise. The Provisioning Engine communicates with the Request Expertise Widget both to inform users of expertise availability and accept requests for experts. It then automatically provisions a relationship between the requestor and expert through audio/video, at which point those two entities are directly connected with no middleman.


“Can your business make money? Before you start, make sure there is a viable need for your solution, if not, it is just a dream.” - Brian Yarnell, President

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