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Coding, Gifts, and Soles: 10 Companies That Have Their Competition Scared

Coding, Gifts, and Soles: 10 Companies That Have Their Competition Scared



Another week, another contest! Once again, we've got some amazing companies offering amazing serives and products that we're excited to share. Need a data center facility? We've got you covered. Looking for easy lessons in coding? Keep on reading! Maybe you're just interested in reading about some great businesses - as always, we've got 'em for you.

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1. mpirik 104


mpirik works to assist medical and healthcare professionals offer the best care possible by providing simple and intuitive tools created with their specific needs in mind. Their products offer improved communication amongst professionals, analytics assistance, and a tool that accurately measures a patient's movements during a clinical exam. Impacting both professionals and patients through improved efficiency, mpirik continues to grow and make differences for clients across the country.

2. Romeo Delivers 15

Romeo Delivers

Romeo Delivers provides creative ways to show appreciation through customizable gifts inspired by the idea that in today's fast-paced world, people need to occasionally slow down and deliver thoughtful gifts to one another. From mini banners to chalkboard ornaments to customized messages in a bottle, Romeo Delivers provides fun and interesting options that anyone can enjoy. 

3. Jetpack Workflow 8

Jetpack Workflow

Jetpack Workflow offers simple and creative management options tailored for accountants by centralizing information in a clean and intuitive interface. No contracts are required; instead, users pay the upfront price with no hidden fees whatsoever. Boasting a setup time of five minutes or less, Jetpack Workflow has created a superb option for accountants seeking to maximize efficiency and automation.

4. BaseRails 7


BaseRails provides users the opportunity to learn to code for a variety of projects, walking with them every step of the way to create a helpful and meaningful lesson in coding. With courses ranging from building review sites like Yelp to building an apartment rental service site, users can learn the fundamentals of building a website, customizing everything as they see fit in a simple and timely manner.

5. SolePower 6


SolePower is a startup entering the market soon that generates electricity through shoe soles that can be fitted for any shoe. The energy created through walking and running charges it, and the power can then be used to charge devices on the go. Practical, inventive, and environmentally conscious, SolePower seeks to save customers a great deal of money over time, offering a highly creative solution for energy production.

6. Sentinel Data Centers 5

Sentinel Data Centers

Sentinel Data Centers creates, manages, and operates data centers facilities that are fully customized and appeal to even the most demanding needs across a variety of industries. They seek to create the best data center facilities possible, offering industry-leading quality at modest and affordable prices. Their constant desire for customer satisfaction has earned them a dedicated customer base that continues to be impressed at every turn.

7. Emcien 4


Having entered the world of analytics far before analytics was even a thought, Emcien offers clients the opportunity to handle and use data simply and effectively. With no prior data experience required, users are able to navigate an otherwise challenging field, creating opportunities that would not exist for many people. With a wide range of options for clients across numerous industries, it's not surprising that Emcien continues to expand and impress.

8. Conversant Labs 4

Conversant Labs

Conversant Labs develops applications that aim to empower visually impaired users by offering an experience similar to that of a 20/20 user. Believing that current accommodation simply isn't enough, Conversant Labs seeks to impact internet and technology usage statistics through voice-controlled interactions. As they continue to grow, they continue to find new and inventive ways to reach out to the visually impaired community, creating opportunities for an increasingly large number of people.

9. Okanjo 1


Okanjo is a commerce solutions company that helps publishers and advertisers understand their audience, providing the tools to reach them effectively and efficiently. Their contextual tracking technology offers the best options for consumers, creating a relevant shopping experience, as opposed to meaningless and poorly-delivered ads. Used by companies both large and small, Okanjo has earned their accolades by delivering consistently positive results for each and every client.

10. Oversight Systems Inc 1

Oversight Systems Inc

Oversight Systems Inc. is a Concur, SAP, and Oracle partner who helps executives to create actionable insights without the need for a data scientist. Their Insights help give direct and visible information regarding the way a business works. Oversight Systems’ solutions have been proven to lead to smarter and faster decisions that contribute to a business’s bottom line. They have experience with companies of any size and in any industry and no implementation services or expenses are required to get started. 

Let us know in the comments below of any other outstanding companies! We'd love to feature them in the future!

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