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Cherish and Embrace Your Brightest, Most Successful Moments

Cherish and Embrace Your Brightest, Most Successful Moments



As a businessman or woman, it is easy to get caught up in work, even when you deserve a moment to celebrate. When you achieve a goal, sign a new client, close a deal, etc., take a moment to give yourself credit for all your hard work and determination. Do not take any of these moments for granted, even if you only play a small role in your field. Take a minute, step back, and reflect on how you contributed to the big picture. Cherish and embrace your brightest, most successful moments like these companies have:

1. HappyFunCorp 16


HappyFunCorp (HFC) is a software engineering firm headquartered in Brooklyn, NY. We’re a happy family of 80 smart, talented, and yet humble iOS developers, Android developers, web developers, designers and product architects. Engineering has been and always will be what drives everyone at HappyFunCorp. We believe in holistically building web and mobile apps that are cutting edge. We build everything from dynamic mobile and web applications to apple watch apps. Whether you’re a startup looking to build the next great product or a Fortune 500 company in need of more hands to solve a complicated technology problem, HFC will fill that need. No matter the size, we believe that tackling complicated problems begins at the product level. Great products are built using the best blends of product engineering, product design and strategy. No great business is built with a single solution, and with over 20 years experience, HFC is well equipped to engineer the right solution for your individual and business needs.


“We embrace our successful moments by lifting up everyone that is involved. We created an app (http://shoutouts.happyfuncorp.com/) used to share praise around the office and keep the information and happiness flowing.” - Aaron Brocken, Director of Communications

2. EmPowerHR 4


EmPowerHR is a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) that is focused on providing integrated Human Resource Solutions for small, mid-size and growing companies. Our services include payroll and wage garnishment, employee benefits administration, state and federal regulatory compliance and day-to-day HR consulting support. As your human resources partner, we'll handle your HR related responsibilities so you can focus on your core business.


“Your leadership team has to be transparent and work for the employees, not vice-versa. We encourage our employees to dream big, provide ridiculous service and give back.” - Jennifer Guzman, Sales Consultant

3. Techromatic 2


Techromatic is a privately owned IT consultancy in New York City that specializes in network security and optimization, corporate cloud deployments, and mobile device management. The company's managing partners are Paul Smith, Jeff Solomon, and Peter Boritz. Our Technical Services Director is Robert Sutton. Techromatic works with clients in the healthcare, retail, pharmaceutical, financial services, legal, architecture, real estate, professional service, and non-profit sectors. Our Manhattan-based in-house team is comprised of enterprise-level IT strategists and technicians, business analysts, project managers, and user experience designers. We have business partners that specialize in software development, corporate identity and marketing, management consulting, and a variety of highly specialized types of expertise.


“We have a family feel and we really care about each other. Our goal is to be trusted advisors for our partners and employees; to accomplish this we strive to constantly celebrate and reward hard work on a personal level.” - Paul Smith, Managing Partner

4. Paxful 2


We are a marketplace for the people. If you are not a day trader or big bank then you have found your marketplace. Enabling peers to exchange value between each other for profit and savings globally and securely is only now possible through blockchain technologies and bitcoin. We have built the first global peer to peer marketplace to do this for the mainstream.


“It is important to celebrate your successes, but then get right back to work and serve your customers. We thrive on customer feedback and the success we have experienced, but we keep pushing further.” - Ray Youssef, CEO & Co-Founder

5. Digital Fortress 1

Digital Fortress

Digital Fortress provides customers with managed cloud and colocation infrastructure and services. As the largest independently-owned data center operator in the Pacific Northwest, Digital Fortress focuses on providing the most cost-effective management of distributed workloads across private, public and managed infrastructures. Digital Fortress is strategically positioned close to top carrier hotels, peering networks, and cloud providers to enhance hybrid IT performance and end user experience. Through diverse networks and power infrastructure combined with skilled engineers working 24xForever, the company delivers highly secure and reliable colocation and managed solutions. With more than 90% of its electricity supply derived from clean, inexpensive hydroelectric and wind power, Digital Fortress can pass through low cost clean energy to its customers. Hundreds of customers rely on Digital Fortress to simplify the management of their IT infrastructure.


“We constantly celebrate people who are living within and displaying the culture that we want to have as a company. Whether it is an individual, or a team, that wowed the customer, we want to make sure they are rewarded accordingly to keep pushing the vision forward.” - Matt Gerber, CEO

6. Abyss Program Management 1

Abyss Program Management

Early Results => Knowledge => Self Sufficiency


Abyss Program Management is a global program management consulting practice. We are problem solvers specializing in M&A Integration, Project Recovery, and Project Startup.


“As a small team of very experienced consultants, we are used to working with massive projects and ensuring success. We work with complex systems and see the rewards on a continual basis alongside our customers.“ - Dave Berry, CEO & Co-Founder

7. Latin America Tech Meetup 1

Latin America Tech Meetup

We are a series of events happening in NYC and SF where noted entrepreneurs, hackers, investors, and technology people get together every months to discuss trends and opportunities in the convergence of startups, technology and Latin America.


“When you do something that you are obsessed about it is constantly a celebration of success. I believe in balancing stress and making sure that I am always working hard, but also resting and reflecting on the progress.” - Adrian Avendano, Founder

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