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Calling All Entrepreneurs: Software to Help You Succeed

We like to think we know entrepreneurs pretty well... Because of that, we wanted to share with you a list of software services that we think could help increase your productivity and success! We even use some of these ourselves! Check out this list of Startups helping businesses succeed!

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Did we forget someon that you think would be an awesome addition to this list? Let us know below! 

1. Rescoper 39

Rescoper is a software that will plan your team’s schedule, so you can spend more time creating and less time in your calendar. Scheduling is an essential part of keeping a business organize, however it eats away a lot of our time that we could be spending on other things. With Rescoper, you can automatically schedule and update in a much faster way. Rescoper schedules your day for you, by analyzing your projects and sends you info about ways to increase productivity. Their brainwave service allows coworkers to contribute their ideas to your project. 

2. AstroPrint 1

AstroPrint is a cloud based 3D printing device that allows you to print in 3D without any cords. This device turns any mobile device into a printer interface. You plug your printer USB into the AstroBox and then you are able to print wirelessly via wifi. You can then upload all of your 3D files and control your printer through their cloud service. 3D printing is growing more and more quickly, and we think that it will quickly become a necessity for many businesses. AstroPrint will make this switch to 3D printing smooth, and affordable. They are currently looking for funding through Kickstarter!

3. Charlie 0

Charlie is an app that allows you to input a person’s name, and it gives you information about that person that you may need. This insanely decreases the time spent researching people before a meeting. All you have to do is enter their name, and it gives you a one page report with everything you might need to know about that person! You can learn what makes people tick, and what their interests are through Charlie, so you have the ability to make an awesome impression! As if that wasn’t cool enough- Charlie also syncs with your calendar and sends you all the info you need to know about a meeting via email.  Oh and did we mention… It’s free! We definitely plan on using this one ourselves.

4. Stock Up 0

Stock Up is a site, similar to Bigstock, which allows you to choose from hundreds of photos to use on your site, or blog. However, they have amazing and unique photos that look like you hired a professional photographer. We spend quite a lot of time looking for unique and interesting pictures that will capture attention. Stock Up makes it easy and fun to search for awesome stock images.

5. Tableau Software 0

Big Data is the next big thing, and Tableau Software knows it! They have created a program that allows everyone to find real answers in their data. They are working to make analytics easy for everyone through their cloud based platform. We all need data to help us understand what works for our business, but we don’t all know how to read the data. Going with your gut is no longer the only option for making business decisions, because we now have the data to back up our “gut”. Tableau software is on a mission to help people see and understand data! 

6. Outfield 0

Outfield is an app that works to increase relational sales. The app integrates tools that you already use, including, Gmail, Zoho, Salesforce, and more. Their mission is to make your mobile workplace simpler, more pleasant, and more productive. The app works with your field team to increase productivity, allows you to interact with stores and contacts, and reports on visits and meetings. 

7. About me 0

About me is a site that allows users to create awesome one page websites about themselves. In today’s social age, everyone is looking for more info about who they are working with. About.me allows you to share information about yourself in a digital space. Personal brand is something more and more entrepreneurs need to be successful, this site allows entrepreneurs to share information about themselves with their audience, so that they can get to know the person behind the company! 

8. Yammer 0

Yammer is a private social network for employees, to help them collaborate across departments, and locations. Yammer is used by companies across the globe, including Shell, NationWide, DHL, and Razorfish. Yammer allows people inside your company to work openly, and share information more quickly and easily. They work to create an open and collaborative work environment, so everyone has the ability to share their ideas easily. 

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