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California Companies Helping With Your Finance

Between the technology empire of Silicon Valley and the lavish Hollywood lifestyle of Los Angeles, there is plenty to invest and finance in California. These companies are taking advantage of the financial opportunities in their area in many different ways. From hedge fund managers to mortgage brokers, these companies have impressive financial portfolios and great business experience.

1. Advanced Technology Ventures 3

Advanced Technology Ventures is an investment firm specializing in IT, Healthcare, and Cleantech. As early stage investors, they want to get in on the ground floor and get involved. In each of their three specialties, they have specific companies in which they invest. In health care they focus on issues such as biologics, drug delivery, CNS diseases, and digitization. In IT they work on performance marketing, social media marketing, and cloud computing, And in Cleantech they work on energy storage, water tech, clean energy infrastructure, and oil and gas technology. This is just a small sample of their much longer list of investment opportunities.

2. ARC Capital 1

ARC Capital gives out personal and business hard money loans. These loans come from private entities within the company so they don’t have to pay for the loans from other hedge funds. ARC Capital specializes in bad credit and no credit loans and offers pre-approval right on their site. They work for a financial solution where everyone wins with reasonable fees and quick payment.

3. New American Funding 1

New American Funding is another home loan provider. They work to cut out the middle man and avoide brokers. They offer a variety of loans and options for people including FHA home loans, VA loans, Fixed rate, and ARM loans. Their focus is quick closing to get customers into their home as fast as possible. They help with first-time home buying and retirement real estate plans as well. 

4. Callan Capital 1

Callan Capital is a small, boutique wealth management firm made up of three brothers in San Diego. Originally employees of Merril Lymen, the Callan brothers created their own company to help people manage their wealth and estates. They specialize in asset management, tax minimization, retirement planning, estate planning, and other types of financial planning.

5. Conifer Financial Services 0

Conifer Financial Services is an asset managerial company that specials in hedge funds, private equity, pensions, endowments, and foundations. They help administer assets, middle- and back-office work, executive services and prime brokerage. In over 25 years, they have acquired over 200 clients and manage over $100 billion in assets. 

6. Calera Capital 0

Calera Capital focuses on a large range of investment opportunities such as financial, business, food and consumer, healthcare, building production, and industrial work. Their goal is to invest long term in mid-sized companies worth up to $1 billion. From their offices in San Francisco and Boston, they invest between $50-$250 million in businesses all over the world. Their focus is on managers and they want to work with them to make the best company possible. 

7. Alta Partners 0

Alta Partners focuses on venture capital in life sciences. They want to work in a collaborative position with entrepreneurs long-term. They like to work as the lead investor and oftentimes a board member who can offer advice and help with executive recruitment. Their current portfolio includes biotech and pharmaceutical companies such as Allakos, AGTC, Bioventus, Llumena, Zafgen and ZS Pharma, Inc.

8. Clarity Partners 0

Clarity Partners focus on media, communication, and business investments. Based in Los Angeles, they have investments all over the world including a Chinese affiliate. These investments create a network of entrepreneurs and managers that benefit the companies they work with. They try to provide resources and assistance to their portfolio of movie companies, magazines, wireless technology, video surveillance, and copper mining.

9. AimLoan.com 0

AimLoan.com is an internet direct lender and they want you to find all your home lending needs online. Their service makes the mortgage broker and loan officer unnecessary and even automates the underwriting process to avoid that too. They provide a Good Faith estimate without any personal information necessary and guarantees closing costs. With AimLoan.com, you can take care of your entire home loan online, at your laptop.

10. Absolute Mortgage Banking 0

Absolute Mortgage Banking is a home mortgage investor. With over 80 years of combined experience, they help potential homeowners in the Bay Area find home loans. They help with every part of the home buying process including real estate brokerage, title search and escrow. Over 50% of their current customers are returning, which makes sense because Absolute Mortgage Banking emphasizes long-term customer care. You can get all your home mortgage needs here.

11. Accent Capital Partners 0

Accent Capital Partners invests in mid-size companies along the west coast. Based in San Francisco, they invest their finances and expertise in companies worth $5-$50 million dollars. They specialize in transitions. Accent Capital Partners will help you get out of a bad situation with another investor, buy out partners, purchase other companies, and expand production. Not only do they invest capital, but they work hard to make sure these transitions are easier.

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