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Community Blog / Buy, Sell and Browse: Art Lovers Unite Through artFido

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When you walk into your childhood bedroom and see the art that papers your walls – a framed drawing of Mickey Mouse, a concert poster of Alvin and the Chipmunks, a calming watercolor of three teddy bears sleeping – well, you’re reminded that taste in art sure does change. Even out of your adolescent years, once you start investing in great pieces of artwork, you still might find that the painting that felt perfect for your living room when you bought your first home doesn’t quite do it for you anymore. So where does one go to sell their artwork, browse new pieces and purchase new works? artFido has you covered. 



artFido is an online sales and auction platform for every day collectors to search for, buy and sell art. Without going through dealers or an auction house, individuals can put their pieces up for sale and browse through endless works to buy themselves. It’s like going to many small, independent galleries all at once – unique pieces are available without having to spend endless hours and visits hunting for that perfect painting. 

“No matter who you are, or where you’re from, artFido provides the forum for you to sell your artworks - when you want, at the reserve price you set, and to the genuinely highest bidder,” says one of artFido’s representatives. It gives sellers control over their own sales, on their own time. Not only do individual buyers contribute, but artists and art galleries also use artFido to list both current and back room stock. The options are limitless. 



artFido launched in 2012, born out of a passionate art collector’s desire to create a marketplace where art lovers could unite, buying and selling art directly to each other. It provides a sales environment without the exclusivity of traditional art auction houses. It also is more than a marketplace – it’s an online community where art lovers can be in touch. artFido’s blog shares art-related content from all over the world. And with over 100,000 viewers visiting the blog every day, artFido is like the forum where all the cool kids meet over a shared love of art. 

artFido believes in artists and wants to give them an opportunity to share their work with the world. By bringing together professionals and consumers, artFido allows both the creators and the collectors to interact directly in their art transactions. It opens the art world up – artists don’t need a gallery owner to share their work, and those who enjoy art aren’t limited to the works auction houses deemed worthy. It’s an art democracy. Says the representative at artFido, “You don’t need to have an arts degree, be an art connoisseur, or have lots of money to invest in art. If you love art and visual culture, artFido is for you.”


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