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Business Innovation: Companies That Make Daily Tasks Easier

Business Innovation: Companies That Make Daily Tasks Easier



Every now and then, a company comes along that aims to simplify the processes behind various complex tasks. Not only do they make these difficult tasks easier with their innovative designs, ideas, and servicesm but they also strive to satisfy each and every user. They've each found success with their services, and it's not difficult to appreciate why!

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1. ChooseEnergy 335


Do you find yourself wishing you could find an energy plan that better fits your budget? Do you want to compare plans from different energy suppliers in your area without much hassle? Try Choose Energy! They make it easy for users to discover the best local options for them. Energy suppliers are listed in a clean and user-friendly interface, and the available plans are varied and cost-effective. If you're unsatisfied with your current plan, give Choose Energy a shot today!

2. Recroup 274


Recroup is a breakthrough technology allows users find potential employees by creating ads that double as job openings. Users can create attractive banner ads that are then spread throughout the web, filled with specific keywords suiting the interests of the people and easily reaching them across various websites. Finding applicants has never been easier or more accessible!

3. Zapier 74


Zapier is a tool that helps make daily tasks easier and more efficient. It connects different web apps that you regualrly use, allows automation of tedious tasks, and creates a way for data to easily be moved between apps. For example, users can save Evernote files in their Dropbox. Many different apps are supported by Zapier including Gmail, Twitter, Evernote, Dropbox, Salesforce, Mailchimp, Trello, Zendesk, and more. Zapier currently supports more than 300 web apps from different developers and platforms, giving users as many options as they need to complete different tasks.

Zapier started when two of its co-founders were consultants, and constantly being asked to do routine tasks, they realized that their must be a better way and set out to find it. They ended up building it themselves when they realized there was no solution for small businesses.

4. zlien 29


zlien is a very unique cloud-based software platform that provides different construction industry firms the opportunity to gain control over their financial risk and payment process, reducing the fear of financial risks. The preliminary notice preparation, lien waiver management, intricate billing processes, etc. are typically very time consuming and hectic, but they don't have to be. They help to leverage technology to upgrade and streamline different technical and paper-intensive processes to ensure a fair and fast construction payment process.

5. Nest4Less 7


Nest4Less, founded in 2011 in Attleboro, Massachusetts, USA, provides different users, including agents, real estate brokerages, and service providers, with a unique home service directory for embedding it to their marketing strategies and websites. As such, generating traffic and building trust with their customers is made a breeze! The directory features different brands, both local and national, and other service providers, supporting their goal of providing the most top-notch customer services to their users.

6. LocusPlay 6


LocusPlay is a breakthrough technology for lottery users that provides easily accessible lottery services on mobile devices, completely revolutionizing the traditional sale of lottery tickets. As an app, it's very efficient, quick, accurate, and convenient for customers. Thanks to its simplicity, lottery sales have increased a great deal, too! LocusPlay also provides SMS betting, which allows users to purchase lottery tickets just by sending a simple text. It has been able to reach remote parts of the country as well, where the usual internet services are typically quite slow. Try your luck today!

7. HealthID 4


HealthID is a great method of managing the different aspects of your personal healthcare in an innovative way. The simple mobile application is available on the Android, iPhone, and Windows Mobile. The user's health is easily managed, as the app included medical conditions, allergies, chronic disease management, and emergency contacts. Furthermore, it keeps track of  medications and sends scheduled reminders through email or SMS to take them on time. Information about a person can be quickly accessed through a HealthID card or band.

8. HireVue 2


Have you ever wished for a program that can help you identify and hire the best individuals for your company without going through the lengthy interview process for each and every applicant? Well, you're in luck! It's here, courtesy of South Jordan, UT company HireVue. They aim to help users attain greater efficiency, cost savings, and return on investment for their clients. Their HireVue Insights platform helps clients by data examining thousands of digital interview attributes and presenting the top-scoring individuals, who could potentially be hired. Time is saved on interviewing each candidate, and the company is able to easily identify the best candidates. To top it off, this platform is the world’s first candidate recommendation engine. Be sure to check it out for yourself!

9. Materialst 2


Materialst, founded in 2014 in San Francisco, aims to allow various designers, builders, and architects to have a better and quicker way to access the material they need, as many unique materials needed by creative designers are not available in general hardware stores. Their massive array of options include countless patterns in tiles, wallpapers, floorings, and more, all of which can be otherwise chalenging to find through other channels.

10. Gild 2


Gild is a firm, at the forefront of the Smart SaaS Movement. While its co-founder,Sheeroy Desai has been in the SaaS space for a long time. As there is a lot of data going into most SaaS systems, that you can take out when you need it. Sheeroy Desai is trying to take this data and use it to make the system smarter. For e.g. LinkedIn consists of self reported data and there is no real analysis of your skills. Sheeroy Desai analyzed it from a data science side and looked at how these people were looked at by their peers. Thus, making the whole consumer technology really smart by focusing on machine learning and data science. Gild has been around for about 3 years and has been leading this movement in the recruiting and hiring space as well. In addition to that, it has about 350 renowned customers including - Square and Trip advisor.                        

11. Complete 1


Complete is a task management app on the iOS, coming soon to Android, that allows users to manage their to-do lists and other tasks. Unlike other boring and monotonous task lists, Complete provides you with the power to share your tasks, ask for advice and referrals, and receive other forms of supports. Friends, co-workers, and colleagues can easily help you achieve different tasks on time! The next time you are searching for a commodity or want to watch a movie or plan a trip, others can chime in and help you come to great conclusions. Users' lives are much easier to manage, and yours can be too. Check out Complete today!

Think we left out a great company? Let us know; we'd love to feature them soon!

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