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Building A Recognizable Brand Is The Key To Your Success

Building A Recognizable Brand Is The Key To Your Success



“With the surge of social media, you have not only the ability, but you now have the need to manage your own reputation, both online and in real life,” says Forbes. Creating a memorable and loveable image for your company is an essential key for the success of your business. With most of the world relying mainly on their mobile devices, it is critical to take the time to bring the image of your company to life. This can be done in bevy of ways including:

1. Exec|Comm 7


What’s your message to the world? Let Exec|Comm help your company cut through the clutter and communicate more clearly and convincingly to improve the effectiveness of your team and in-turn your bottom line. Exec-Comm provides assistance with Training Solutions, Private Coaching, Continuing Legal Education (CLE), Continuing Professional Education (CPE), Government Solutions, and more! They started in working with banks, but have taken an active approach through new outreach methods to reach further into many industries to share their knowledge and expertise.


"Our brand is clear, simple and honest. We stay consistent and focus on one aspect that we want to highlight through our messaging in our blog, social media and speaking engagements.” - Karen Rodriguez, Partner

2. Odysseus Solutions 6

Odysseus Solutions

Odysseus Solutions provides the most comprehensive and innovative online booking solutions available in the market today. The unique custom business solutions they design result in operational efficiency and reduced costs for all of their clients. Odysseus Solutions was founded in 2005 to fill the industry need for an online travel booking engine that automates processes and is easily customized to support a client’s unique brand identity. The Odysseus Booking Engine is designed to meet the unique requirements of global marketplaces and can easily handle multiple currencies as well as multiple languages.


“We built our application with the mindset that our customers will have their own branding when using our product. Giving them the ability to quickly and easily customize their applications with their own branding is the key aspect of what people know us for.“ - Glenn Dean, Vice President

3. Caliper 4


Caliper has advised more than 28,000 companies—from Fortune 500 companies to some of the fastest growing smaller firms—on Pre-Employment Assessments, Talent Development, Organizational Change, and Corporate Culture. With over 50 years of experience, and having assessed the potential of 3.5 million employees and applicants, they have the insights, expertise and personal approach needed to help you achieve your goals. The customized solutions are tailored to address the needs of your company today, as well as to promote growth in the future. Whether you need to hire for an important position, promote a key employee, reduce turnover, improve the effectiveness of a team or implement a more targeted performance management system, Caliper can help transform your business through your people.


“We built our brand by filling a niche and meeting the needs of our consumers. You can teach skills, but ultimately you cannot teach motivation or desire.” - Herb Greenberg, Founder & CEO

4. Discussion Partners Collaborative 3

Discussion Partners Collaborative

Discussion Partner Collaborative challenges C-Suite executives to apply a Null Hypothesis to strategic intents and initiatives. They are committed to sustaining enterprise viability by leveraging Leadership capabilities and employee engagement by aggressively asking the question “what if all you believe to be accurate and possible is incorrect”….the Null Hypothesis!

DPC’s global advisors use data driven solutions derived from primary research, proprietary studies conducted by Alliance Partners, and lessons learned from their client engagements. Their proprietary methodology compels clients to presume their assumptions regarding leadership effectiveness are erroneous, and their portfolio of human capital programs are flawed.


“Branding for us is not who we are now, but rather our background and where we came from. We don’t have a static brand, but focus on the continual development and sharing of our expertise to create our brand recognition.” - Tom Casey, Managing Principal

5. ClearPointHCO 3


ClearPoint Human Capital Optimization provides human resources consulting, leadership training, resume writing, interview preparation, and career coaching. Organizations partner with ClearPoint to supplement existing HR departments while others utilize their services in place of a formal HR function. They even offer on and off-site leadership development and executive coaching and provide highly customized resume writing, interview preparation, and career coaching to individuals.


“We always strive to go above and beyond, as a human resources company, we answer the phone and provide a personal human touch to everything. We focus on taking a personal approach to building the personal brand of all of the customers we work with.” - G. Anaba Wachuku, CEO

6. Parascript 3


Parascript is the worldwide leading provider of advanced image analysis, intelligent classification and data extraction applications that enable organizations to streamline and enhance their multistep, human-centric administrative tasks, optimizing the effectiveness of business process management. Their advanced capture technology processes virtually any document format and text type—including handprint, machine print, cursive, logos, images and marks—providing rapid, reliable access to critical data while improving the user experience. Fortune 2000 companies, postal operators in Europe and the U.S. Postal Service, major government and financial services corporations rely on the Parascript application suite, which is distributed through its OEM and value-added reseller networks, including IBM, EMC, Bell and Howell, Fiserv, Selex Elsag, Lockheed Martin, NCR, Siemens, and Burroughs.


“We have built our brand through word of mouth and employing an exceptional team. People know that we solve problems because we share thought leadership and have excellent case studies--regardless, we know the continual need to continue to improve and refine the way we share our vision with the public.” - Greg Council, VP, Marketing and Product Management

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