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Build a quality mobile app in five minutes with MobileX Labs

Build a quality mobile app in five minutes with MobileX Labs



Want to build your own mobile app, but don’t want to pay the equivalent of a new car? Want to build it in five minutes? Want it to not suck? You can with MobileX Labs.

MobileX Labs makes app building easy and intuitive while still providing a quality app. Dan Noveas, the founder of MobileX Labs, says, “Just because you don’t have deep pockets doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a good app.”

Noveas is no stranger to finding opportunities and monetizing them. In high school, he purchased products with limited global availability and sold them in overseas markets at a nice markup. His business was making millions before he was of legal drinking age. MobileX Labs launched today.

We had a chance to chat with Noveas regarding MobileX Labs and his ambitious plans for the mobile app market.

Why did you start MobileX Labs?

I had a music website that was getting almost one million hits a month from blogs, but it wasn’t making money. We wanted to create an app so we could monetize the playlists we were offering. Developers were quoting us $15-$20K to make a mobile app, so I decided to build my own. I felt like the there was a lot of crappy software or crappy looking apps and the ones I really liked were expensive - $800 a month.

That’s where the idea started. People want to make apps, but there really isn’t a good alternative. There are plenty of app developers in the space and people will use them because they don’t have a choice or they can’t afford to build an app. We wanted to change that. So we basically tried to make the app builder as easy to use as possible while providing a quality app.

We built some simple apps for DJs in our network and we sold $10K in apps in a couple months. We saw the market, decided to make an app builder and focus on content creators.



Why content creators?

We didn’t want to create apps that people would open and use one time and never use again. I feel like that’s the issue with a lot of apps. So we focus on people or businesses that constantly update content (musicians, athletes, bloggers, authors, bars, gyms, celebrities, personalities, etc.) because their base will use it again and again.

We want people to use the applications, so we integrate with a lot of third party applications. With musicians, for example, we integrate with USTREAM, SoundCloud, 8tracks, Songkick, YouTube, etc. so they can constantly push new content.

How do you make it easy?

Before we launched, we talked with a lot of people and they basically told us they wanted it to be simple. So we made sure the app works well, it’s really clean and easy to use. We also auto-update the user’s account so they don’t have to upload information to our servers.

We make the app store process for iOs and Android as easy as possible. They build the app and we publish it for them. We charge a $29 fixed fee. It goes into the store when they’re done. We don’t want them to worry about the store fees or deal with the app store process.

How’s the response? Any successes?

We have 3000 people signed up and 200 people signing up each day. We’ve had small bands with 100 fans and bands with 10 million fans. We have platinum selling rappers working with big labels.



Noticed there a couple different price points for subscriptions. Why?

I don’t want to limit what people can do. They can start with a free plan or one of the more cost effective plans and upgrade as they go, so the platform grows with them. I have a lot of friends that were barely making $100 a show three years ago and a friend that just signed a deal and now makes millions of dollars. Two or three years ago, he wouldn’t have been able to afford to build an app.

MobileX Labs offers plans ranging from free to $159 a month for all the bells and whistles.

What about the five-minute app building challenge?

We wanted to make the barrier to building an app really as low as possible without sacrificing functionality or look and feel. Again, we wanted this to be easy to use, so even if the person is not techie, they could build a nicely looking app. We also believe that if a person takes the time to build an app and they see that it works and it looks good and it’s easy to build, they’ll go back and edit it.



What keeps you up at night?

What am I going to do to have an impact on society on a large scale?

We were invited to pitch at SXSW earlier this year. We met a lot of people and received some great feedback on how to pitch the business. We learned a lot.

My goal in building this business wasn’t to do something micro. I really wanted to create something big scale, to get a large pull financially and publicly, so I’m constantly thinking about how to get from where we are to where we want to be. Mark Cuban is an advisor and he believes in our team, but until I can show him the numbers and demonstrate that we’re changing the industry, I’m still a young entrepreneur in his eyes.

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