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Branding for Success

Branding for Success



Let’s talk about branding: what is your brand? What is your company’s brand? What do they say about who you are and how you conduct business? Building a quality brand is essential to the long term success in any business. It is not good enough to have a stellar product or service, you must be able to effectively communicate what you have and how it will benefit the world. With the number of channels to share information growing at an exponential rate, it is key to have a great plan of attack to building and spreading your brand. Here are some companies who have built excellent brands and some advice on how they’ve done it successfully:

1. Cerini & Associates 37

Cerini & Associates

Cerini & Associates, a Long Island, New York-based professional full-service accounting firm, responds to the business and financial needs of clients across the tri-state area. They pride themselves on providing a superior level of service to each of their valued clients, and in doing so, becoming integral business partners that consistently help clients meet both their personal and business goals. Their professional staff provides years of experience and understanding of the vast business and financial issues faced in the areas of accounting, auditing/attestation, business management and tax.


Kenneth Cerini, Managing Principal, points out that “people try to brand on a global basis and be everything to everyone, or even send out mixed brand messages. We look to do niche branding, we aren’t just accountants, but we are non-profit accountants, technology accountants and healthcare accountants. This focus on specific areas has helped us to reduce the amount of competition and generate more business.”

2. Priority One Jets 17

Priority One Jets

Priority One Jets will arrange the ideal private aircraft for your business or leisure trip. They have access to over 7000 jets of all sizes, worldwide. They also offer their clients the luxury, convenience, safety and security that only a Private Jet Flight can offer. In this age of increased security procedures, flying private ensures the absence of extended security and boarding delays that inconvenience commercial passengers. Private flights also provide luxurious seating, exceptional service and full privacy in full contrast to commercial flights lacking those amenities.


Peter Minikes, CEO, tells that their brand “is really about providing quality service to our demanding customers, who are focused on safety and convenience. Our website is very important, because that’s how people get to know us. From our simple call to action for a quote, to our well thought out logo, this is part of what attracts customers. We also proudly partner with organizations, like the New York Racing Association and Saratago Race Course which has a strong interest of many of our customers.”

3. Soma Architects 12

Soma Architects

SOMA is an international architecture firm headquartered in New York, with offices in Lebanon, founded in 2004 by Michel Abboud. With its focus on incorporating craft, digital technologies and environmental responsibility, the firm’s designs and work have attracted critical acclaim for their boundary pushing nature. SOMA works closely with clients to understand their needs and desires in relationship to external constraints in today’s ever changing cycle of occupancy and uses of buildings, providing adaptable planning so buildings evolve with their clients. Michel Abboud is renowned in the United States and the Middle East for his avant-garde portfolio, the Park 51 Islamic Cultural Center a few blocks from Ground Zero in New York City further catapulted Michel into prominence, with one journalist dubbing him “the most controversial architect the US has known.” Such notoriety has led to a subsequent influx of invites as speaker and guest of honor at prestigious universities across the United States and Europe.


Founder Michel Abboud says that "you can claim your "brand" is whatever you want it to be, but what your brand really is is who you are and what you do. Creating a brand is an opportunity to look at who you are now and who you want to be in the future. You need to live and breathe your brand. For any design discipline, the logo and the wrapping isn't what makes the brand, it's the designers. That's what people are buying, who you are and how you think."

4. Smart Hustle 10

Smart Hustle

Smart Hustle Magazine is the brainchild of technology evangelist, celebrated speaker and best-selling author of The Facebook Guide to Small Business Marketing, Ramon Ray. Smart Hustle Magazine is a community celebrating success, sharing the challenges and chronicling the hustle, the Smart Hustle, of small business owners with an entrepreneurial mindset.


Founder of Smart Hustle, Ramon Ray speaks about branding in context of customers, “are they looking for clients or transactional customers? How do you greet customers when they come in the door, your waiting room, office, dress, etc.? How do you keep in communication with them: email marketing, tips, coupons, etc? Finally, always educate your customers and industry, be vocal about sharing thought leadership and expertise.”

5. Farkouh, Furman & Faccio 5

Farkouh, Furman & Faccio

Farkouh, Furman & Faccio’s mission is to become your trusted business advisor, assisting you in every way necessary to help you achieve your financial goals. Since 1974, Farkouh Furman & Faccio’s team of Certified Public Accountants and Advisors has provided customized solutions for their clients most complex tax, financial and business matters—delivered with the technical expertise usually associated with Big 4 firms and the superior client service that only a small firm can provide. Getting to know their clients is what makes Farkouh Furman & Faccio stand out in the world of public accounting. They have developed long-term relationships with clients —regardless of size or industry—that depend on them to maintain a competitive edge.


Bruce Militzok, Partner, says “branding in our industry is about reputation and trust. We are thought of as a team of well educated professionals who are very much on top of our customers needs. Make sure you develop a brand and with a distinct goal, then live up to it.”

6. Ad Astra Rocket 4

Ad Astra Rocket

Ad Astra Rocket Company is a spaceflight engineering company dedicated to the development of advanced plasma rocket propulsion technology. The company is developing the Variable Specific Impulse Magnetoplasma Rocket (VASIMR®) engine and its associated technologies.

Dr. Franklin R. Chang Díaz serves as company President and CEO. Dr. Chang Díaz invented the VASIMR® concept and has been working on its development since 1979, starting at The Charles Stark Draper Laboratory in Cambridge Massachusetts and continuing at the MIT Plasma Fusion Center before moving the project to the Johnson Space Center in 1994.

Ad Astra Rocket Company is projecting to reach the commercialization gate for it's products in early 2016, when the first VASIMR® propulsion system is planned to be tested in space.


Franklin Chang Diaz, CEO & Founder says “branding comes with time.” He continues, by saying “we have tried to build our brand with various technologies in mind, because space is associated with advanced technologies, exactitude and precision--this is how we try to move our company. Also, some of our branding has come from my 25 years of experience with NASA and my experience on 7 missions in space.”

7. Robert Hall & Associates - Tax Consultants 3

Robert Hall & Associates - Tax Consultants

Since 1971, Robert Hall & Associates has built a reputable track record helping individuals and businesses of all sizes with day-to-day accounting and tax issues. With over 40 years of professional tax experience, we can identify a number of deductions to help you save on individual and business taxes. Providing a blend of services, Robert Hall & Associates continues to be an industry leader, year after year. We subscribe to the model of 999: 9 Tax Services, 9 Business Services, and 9 Industries. Our mission is to provide clients with innovative, yet practical solutions that will improve profitability, anticipate needs, and provide our clients with the highest level of customer service.

Rony Marootian, Marketing Operations Manager, says that “we are an EA firm, not CPA’s and that, coupled with our expertise in accounting for real estate, small biz and entertainment industries offers a great opportunity in working with our clients. People come to us for our service, expertise and the speed--they know they can walk out of our office with their taxes completed that same visit.”

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