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Brand Reputation: 5 Things You Must Know

Brand Reputation: 5 Things You Must Know



With the aggravation of market competition, a good reputation becomes crucial to your business-- a potential competitive advantage to engage with your stakeholders and get them to feel you are the one.

While it is always hard to control what people say about your brand, it’s never too late to build your brand reputation by shaping how they may think about your organization. Here are five suggestions both online and offline you could take.

In the era of the Web 2.0, increasing online reputation is no longer being ignored:

Honest Communication

Online communication is a two-way communication with transparency, so you must be careful about what you say. Honesty is probably the first thing if you want to create a positive online relationship with your brand.  Trust is built on a solid foundation of telling truth. Make honest communication part of the company culture and make sure all employees are instilled with honesty.

Consistent Contents

Consistency is the key to success. As you may consider expressing your brand through various social media platforms, it is important to keep a consistent voice among Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social accounts. Try to keep information consistent thus your audience would have a complete and deep impression of your brand.

Timely Response

One of the best practices of online reputation management is to have a timely response to online crisis, as well as any followers’ requests. When there is a crisis, try to clarify and make a statement to avoid any negative image. Conversely, no prompt explanation or backup may lead to a more severe reputation issue. Also, higher engagement rate (likes, comments, shares) for your online posts appears when you response and interact with your followers within 1 to 24 hours. 

Meanwhile, there is an offline world you shouldn’t neglect with: 

Quality Services

Take a second to think about your favorite restaurant or other business. Why you love it and would like to go back? Quality service Quality service to your customers is the company’s top priority and it is the reason a brand wins loyalty and even advocacy. Deeds are much better than your words.

Community Engagement

Utilize the communities around you. Networking with your community is a quick way to improve your brand credibility. There is a saying that “We live in a time when word of mouth is the number one driver of sales and competitive advantage.” The connections you make at special events or in person discussions lead to a good word of mouth and further possibilities.

In sum, brand reputation is usually on an emotional level and acted out with user engagement. The more you can integrate your efforts online and offline, the more your brand reputation will become in a long term. Start building your brand reputation now!


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