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Braintree makes online payments a no-brainer

As you may know by now, I look for any and every excuse to impulse purchase things I absolutely do not need. It’s no secret that companies design marketing campaigns around people like me—I am the ultimate consumer. One thing that deters me, however, is an annoyingly long checkout process. It’s a serious deal-breaker. To not be allowed to check out as a guest, or even worse, to be rerouted to an outside site is enough to make me give up completely. What can I say? Amazon’s one-click purchasing method has spoiled me.

Mobile purchases are especially annoying because being rerouted is almost inevitable. Times are changing, however, and a mobile and e-commerce company called Braintree, and its consumer brand Venmo, is paving the way towards even faster purchasing.



The company was started in 2007 with the idea of getting away from archaic online payment methods by simplifying the entire process. The program was made available to startups and soon expanded to mobile, immediately snatching up some big names like LivingSocial, Fab, and Airbnb to name a few.

Braintree recognized the payment challenge small merchants faced—it was difficult to get your site up and running when it took months to build out payment methods. The CEO, Bill Ready, worked with a team to take the development from a three-month hassle to a simple process that oftentimes takes less than an hour.

Privacy concerns are also quelled with this system; with over 40 million credit card numbers stored in their vaults, Braintree provides the utmost safety and suggests that your credit card is safer in your phone than it is in your wallet.



The best part? All the programming is built in so users don’t have to leave the original site to finalize the purchase resulting in higher conversion rates for merchants. What this means for consumers is that you can continue making bleary-eyed purchases off your cell phone first thing in the morning without worrying about the annoying hassle of giving your credit card to a third party site.

The Braintree team has an answer for everything, including where the name came from (it’s a nod to Founding Father John Adams’s birthplace Braintree, Mass.). There’s only one question: if you have an e-commerce or mobile business, why aren’t you using this company?

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