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There are a million daily deal sites out there, and many of them have very similar offers. I don’t know about you, but this often leaves me frustrated and confused. Which sushi restaurant should I pick? What masseuse is offering a better rate? My browser’s open tabs grow as I click from LivingSocial to Groupon and scour Yelp to get the best bang for my buck. Usually the process annoys me so much that I quit and don’t end up getting anything (arguably good for my bank account, but I digress).

Deuce Tu felt the same way I did, but instead of complaining about it he did something to change it. BlingDar is a collection of all the daily deals in one place so nobody else will have to pull their hair out in frustration when trying to find someone who will style it for cheap.

What exactly is BlingDar?

Think of it as a Kayak but for daily deal sites. It aggregates over 500 sites onto one free iPhone or Android app, which shows deals based on proximity. Most urban dwellers aren’t willing or able to travel long distances to save a few bucks so I wanted BlingDar to focus on neighborhood joints.

It's the only app that allows a list of keyword searches so that certain deals will always notify the user when there are potential savings nearby. For example, I can set it so that BlingDar searches for massages that are within 2 miles of my location.



What was the inspiration?

I started BlingDar in August of 2012 because after the boom of daily deal sites, I was sick of having an inbox full of emails from websites like Groupon and LivingSocial. All the emails had way too many deals for me to look through, and most deals were not anything I would be interested in or would be too far away from me. There wasn’t a better method out there, so I created it.

Why did you choose to call is BlingDar?

“Bling” is for money and “Dar” comes from radar so the name reflects that the app is a tool to help people find ways to save money.

What have been some of your biggest struggles?

Definitely the biggest challenge has been to use advertising effectively to acquire new users. Maximizing my advertising budget has been a learning experience given the amount of apps out there (over a million across iTunes and Google Play) and all the different types of mobile app advertising channels. 



What's next for BlingDar?

BlingDar 2.0 will incorporate things such as Yelp reviews, map directions, the ability to pay for deals in app, and various other enhanced features. Once the user base gets more established I would eventually like to do target marketing based on user preferences and location. In addition I want to do more statistical data analysis of how people use my app to save on local services. 

What do you hope comes of this article being posted in our community?

More awareness for the app! I would like users to be more involved in giving me ideas on how to improve it.

I started BlingDar because it's something I wanted to use myself to sort through all the various daily deal sites and I don't think I'm alone. I want cost-conscious consumers like me to tell me exactly how I can make their lives easier and achieve more ways to save money using these websites.

In addition, I would like other entrepreneurs to give me advice on how I should run the company to get more out of my time and budget. 



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