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Be Bold...Be Brief...Be Creative!!

In today's world of no one has time for anything, you need to be unique to stand out from your competition. I coach many sales professionals on a daily/weekly/monthly basis and what I hear more than often is that I can't reach anyone or no one wants to meet with me...even my long term clients. At Sales Integrity, we do a lot of coaching sessions around messaging, networking and overall prospecting. What my conversations tend to be around lately is how to make an impact in a short amount of time.

A lot of sales professionals tend to lean on sending emails these days for their main way to communicate. What is happening is you are one of a hundred people who have emailed that person that day. You need to be unique and different when trying to stand out to your prospects or clients. You can't just lean on making cold calls and sending emails, they will get lost in the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Here a three tips to help you make a positive impact on your prospects:

  • Find an interesting article that is relevant to your prospect or client and mail it to them. I use Selling Power as they have articles that relate to the sales profession that are short and very useful. I will print off the article, write a quick note on it, put my business card in it and then mail it to them. I get a lot of positive responses from those who receive them. Doing this is a great way to stand out from your competition as not many people are doing this today.
  • After meeting with a prospect or client write a thank you note and mail it. This is another lost art as people today think sending an email is the way to go. I get so many positive comments from my clients and prospects about the thank you cards I send. In fact, when I go and visit them I see it on their desk. I ask them why and they respond "I don't get many of these types of notes anymore, they are nice to read".
  • Send them a book as a way to standout. I started a couple of years ago sending books to my prospects and clients. I do this by listening to them to understand what their interests are. I use Amazon (you can get books cost effective there) to buy the book and ship it to them. I try to relate the book to something we discussed during the meeting. That shows I was listening and makes me standout in their minds. I took the time to do something for them and they appreciate it.

As you can see, my tips this time around are more to do about mailing items rather than using technology. The "old school" methods are a lost art and still make an impact on prospects and clients. I strongly encourage you to get creative and think outside the norm of what other sales professionals are doing today.

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