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Baxter Buttons sniffs out top vets in your area

I’ve been waiting a long time for a story about petcare to come along so I can tell you all about my beloved (11-year-old) puppy, Toby. He’s my childhood pet and I think I can speak without bias when I say he’s the best dog in the world.

Obviously since Toby is a beloved member of our family we make sure he’s happy and healthy. We’re lucky that we have a great veterinarian right down the street, but what about people who are new to the city or new to the wonderful world of owning a pet?

Introducing Baxter Buttons: a review site that seeks to match animals to an appropriate, high-ranked vet in their area.

I sat down with the founder, Kevin Leland, to talk about his startup and compare pictures of our dogs (we had differing opinions on who was cuter so we called it even).



                     Riley                                                                                    Toby

How did you come up with the idea for Baxter Buttons?

I had just adopted a dog through PAWS Chicago and had a difficult time figuring out where I could go for a trustworthy animal service provider. I’ve lived in Chicago for a long time but had never owned a pet in the city before so I was a little lost.

I realized that a lot of people are probably going through the same ordeal: either they just got their first pet and are still a little clueless or they just moved to the city and have no recommendations for where to go.

How are you different from Yelp?

Where Yelp reviews cover businesses as a whole, Baxter Buttons reviews focus on individual doctors. Dogs can’t talk, obviously, but we depend on owners to review the doctors based on things such as bedside manner, quality of care and recovery time.

This is also a good way for vets to tell their communities about themselves and share their personalities so people can get to know them.



Who is Baxter Buttons?

Baxter is our spokesdog—he guides the users through the entire experience and is meant to engage people who come to the site to the social networking aspect of it.

Baxter Buttons launched a few weeks ago. What do you hope happens in the coming months?

We want pet owners to use our site exclusively to connect with veterinarians in their neighborhoods and find the best-matched care for their animals.

We also want to engage vets and demonstrate the value of this site. Doctors can use the site to fill empty appointment slots. We already have 80 registered vets and we’re hoping for more.

We want to be the thought leader on pet care. We want to expand to dog boarding, dog walking and grooming businesses as well.

What’s next in terms of development for Baxter Buttons?

In a few weeks we’ll turn our page search on and we’re hoping to gain exposure through word of mouth. Our priority right now is SEO and delivering quality content.




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