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Cliques do not disappear after high school. At the very least one who considers him or herself designated to a certain definable persona will evolve into another definable persona as the years go on. One of these evolved personas is the ‘Yuppie.’ It is generally understood that the Yuppie is one of two very similar things, either a: young urban professional, or, a young upcoming/upwardly mobile professional. They are the future leaders of tomorrow and glorified in films like Wall Street and American Psycho. The evolution of the Yuppie from its seminal spot on the scene in the early 1980’s to today has been a roller coaster. No longer can the jump into yuppiedom be made very easily and the 2014 Yuppie will have to face adaption.

In the 80’s technology in the business world was starting to enable tremendous growth, which meant the capacity to create wealth and employment for college grads who were privy to the times was also tremendous. Lots of students got hard working jobs in growing industries and were being paid quite a bit of money at quite a young age. Stereotypes developed around this type of Yuppie: big spender, great clothes, cool car, and even a mobile telephone which was the bees knees at the time.



In a 2008 paper out of Southern Illinois University Illinois the modern understanding of the Yuppie was reworked. In the author’s description of the 80’s Yuppie he states: “In the 1980s, a new archetypal figure of success gradually emerged, notably once globalization of the economy and "financialisation" took hold: that of the arrogant traders,shamelessly flaunting his quickly earned fortune with little ethical qualms. He conjures up the image of the trading robot (or the "raider" in the words of Edward Lewis),ultra adapted to the system he serves, embodying the high-flying "winner", with a toned physique, prepared for any moral, familial or social sacrifice necessary to secure the lifestyle characterised by his excesses. This kind of success does not spawn further success, quite the contrary: it is the kingdom of quickly earned money. And quickly spent: the benchmark is no longer patrimony,but rather the "extemal signs of wealth". This example still persists in its vulgar guise under the name bling-bling.” The Yuppie came about and defined itself as all those concepts. It was a flashy and flamboyant persona which these days are not so liked.


As this stereotype grew more and more in Americana so did the expectations of the Yuppie. Branching out into new areas like Silicon Valley and online business soon became the Yuppie’s doman. It was the 90’s and everyone was doing it. No longer did you have to work at some high corporate job to be a Yuppie, you just had to be raking in on the dotcom bubble. The entire time the labor market had a higher demand for college graduates and getting a job, although tough, was easy relative to these days.



Now we have arrived to the issue a 2014 Yuppie faces: the worst and the best conditions for success at the very same time. Those conditions are not obstructing the cultural phenomenon of Yuppie production, lots of college grads are majoring in business, law, finance, accounting, etc.. but they are unemployed. This concept is new, unseen and incredibly interesting to discuss. Due to the low rates of hiring many of these Yuppies are considering options outside of working for a massive corporate entity and starting their own Yuppie businesses.



The breakaway from traditional norms of conservative and fiscal concerns is waning. The stereotype is changing and so are the politics and behavior of the Yuppie. Whereas recent college grads of the 1980’s molded themselves a designation as a young urban or upcoming professional the modern Yuppie is a status achievement. One becomes a Yuppie and his or her behavior dictates what and how the Yuppie of 2014 is to be interpreted. The modern Yuppie is willing to approach new technology and take risks making money than the Yuppie of ole. The political and economic obstructions that led to many college grads becoming Yuppie’s in the 1980’s was a result of an enablement of a clear bourgeoise. These days the distinction of who is upper class and who is lower class means nothing, the cost of success is no longer an obstruction to those who seek it. This is the incarnation of the modern Yuppie, meaning, the first time entrepreneur is the new Yuppie. His or her role will be critical in the development of that next big thing.



Being a Yuppie in 2014 means being your own boss, it means starting a company, an enterprise or a project that will take over the world. With social designations as ambiguous as ever the Yuppie has lost its meaning, and can be hyper modified to any modality of expression in contemporary times. It would not be unusual to see a Black Gay Amish Hipster with his or her own entrepreneurial startup dealing with metrics of social vibes. That is 2014 and that is a 2014 Yuppie. They’re doing just great, and they will still be the leaders of tomorrow.


 Written by Zev Ginzburg, Contributing Writer for www.MeetAdvisors.com


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