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Appointment setters are the best kept secret for busy business owners!

But the secret is out— Idea2Result has built an extensive network of appointment setters to help those in the telemarketing industry maximize their time and resources.

What Appointment Setters Do

Telemarketing and inside sales is a labor-intensive undertaking. Anyone who has even dabbled in the field knows all about that. To put that sentiment in a numeric form, it takes about 80 calls on average just to get an opportunity. That’s a lot of calls, not to mention hours!

To help streamline this process, Idea2Result provides a team of appointment setters to help you reach potential new clients and get your foot in the door. These agents do what their name suggests—they set appointments, so you don’t have to. They support your inside sales campaigns, lead generation and overall marketing strategy, and make the initial calls to clients, introducing them to your product or service.

About Idea2Result

Idea2Result provides commitment-free telemarketing services. It’s simple: Companies first select one agent or however many is needed for their team. But before hiring an appointment setter, business owners can listen to audios online and then pick the best fit for their specific initiative. Companies make pre-payment for one week to reserve the agent and then they can immediately start building a relationship with this agent.

By using a third-party like Idea2Result, this eliminates the need for elaborate HR departments and extensive hiring processes. Small business owners can focus on growing their company instead of chasing leads.

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