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Have you ever thought to yourself—hiring an attorney is an easy and enjoyable process?  Doubtful. Don’t worry, we haven’t either.  So, we decided to change that.  ANNOUNCING THE LAUNCH OF LEGAL SERVICES LINK, a website that allows individuals and businesses with legal needs to find, compare and connect with attorneys at the click of a button. 

Legal Services Link creates an easy-to-use, much-needed, online marketplace where individuals and businesses with legal needs can quickly, easily and informatively connect and enter into engagements for legal services with attorneys. replaces the traditional, time-consuming, and frustrating process for hiring attorneys with a centralized, efficient, and transparent online process. 

How Legal Services Link Helps People with Legal Needs 

Legal Services Link revolutionizes the process for hiring attorneys by allowing individuals and businesses with legal needs to quickly create a FREE Legal Services Link account and post short summaries of their legal needs to the site.   Posted legal jobs are then emailed to attorneys for review and consideration.  Attorneys will then have the capability to submit short applications for the legal jobs that interest them. Those applications are emailed directly to the individual or business that posted the job for review and choice of acceptance or rejection.  

This new method for hiring attorneys will result in attorneys coming to clients, as opposed to clients having to search out and contact attorneys.  This will make the hiring process more efficient and effective, resulting in a simpler, hassle-free process that provides clients with the tools necessary to identify and hire the perfect attorney for them.  This will also make obtaining legal services more cost-effective, with multiple attorneys applying for the same legal job. 

Legal Services Link also offers clients the ability to search for attorneys by area of law and geographical location.  Legal Services Link takes this traditional search function further, providing additional search criteria (by rates, reviews, etc.) and more specific search results.  This feature alone will improve the current methods available for hiring an attorney. 

How Legal Services Link Helps Attorneys

Most attorneys rely on word of mouth from clients to maintain a successful practice.  This requires attorneys to constantly market themselves to potential clients and referral sources, which is both time-consuming and costly.  Legal Services Link will largely eliminate the need for traditional and costly advertising, marketing and referral services by providing an easy-to-use forum where people and businesses with legal needs submit legal jobs to attorneys for review and application.  This allows attorneys to easily connect and communicate directly with a large pool of clients at the click of a button. 

Notably, it is completely FREE for attorneys to create an account and post their profiles on Legal Services Link.  It is also completely FREE for attorneys to view and receive emails notifying them of legal job postings.  The only cost associated with using Legal Services Link is if an attorney chooses to maximize the site’s potential and submit applications directly to potential clients for legal jobs posted to the site.  For an ANNUAL COST OF $250, attorneys can review and apply for an unlimited number of legal jobs and generate an unlimited number of client leads through the site. 

In addition to the many direct benefits Legal Services Link offers attorneys, the site will also make the legal hiring process less intimidating and time-consuming.  This will result in more legal engagements, as individuals and businesses with legal needs will seek more professional legal assistance once it is readily available. Further, for those attorneys that use contract attorneys, Legal Services Link provides an excellent forum for finding and hiring contract attorneys. 

We Look Forward to Partnering with You

In addition to the features outlined above Legal Services Link provides a wide array of other features and services that may be of interest to you.  We ask that you please visit Legal Services Link to check out the site and some of the additional features. Should you have any questions, comments, thoughts, or suggestions about the site, we encourage you to please contact us here.  We look forward to partnering with you to create a new, mutually beneficial, legal community!



Matthew Horn, Esq.

President, Legal Services Link, LLC

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