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An Apple A Day…Keeps the Doctor Away

 At one point or another, everyone needs some type of healthcare service. From mental health to surgery, these companies are changing the way that both patients and healthcare providers are receiving care and giving care. These companies are revolutionizing healthcare and we can’t see what they do next!


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1. Breathometer 5

Breathometer is the leader in breath analysis technology. Founded by Charles Michael Yim, Breathometer develops innovative breath sensing technology in order to help people make smarter decisions. This wearable smartphone breathalyzer is all about self-empowerment and letting consumers know how they react to alcohol. As the first company that all five investors from Shark Tank invested in, Breathometer is moving their focus away from just drinking and driving and moving towards detecting other human elements, such as asthma. 


2. Cuff 1

Cuff is a stylish wearable fitness activity tracker that will be available in March of 2015. It synchs with notifications, keeps you connected in case of emergencies, and looks like jewelry. Cuff, smart jewelry that helps you throughout your day. This stylish, wearable technology is featured in elegant jewelry and accessories that are interchangeable with each CuffLinc.


3. Pristine 1

Pristine, otherwise known as the wearable worker, makes collaboration, communication, and efficiency easier. Pristine is on a mission to revolutionize work by solving the problem of “Hey, can you come over here and look at this?” Working with Google Glass, Pristine has built an exceptional team of talented, driven innovators who seek to help clients across the country. Through the telehealth products that they build for Google Glass and the Pristine Eyesight app, doctors can remotely diagnose patients, perform surgery, and instruct medical students.


4. MDChat 1

MDChat is the first HIPAA-secure online communications platform that is designed to improve workflow productivity within and between healthcare organizations. MDChat allows users to communicate with any professional, anytime, anywhere. The platform unifies communication, collaboration, and sharing of information with any healthcare professional in real time, which decreases the amount of time professionals spend leaving messages and playing phone tag.


5. Doximity 0

Doximity is making physicians jobs easier by allowing them to connect on their platform’s professional network. Over 50% of US physicians have already joined this new social network! Here, you can stay connected with colleagues, classmates, and co-residents, view opportunities, earn category 1 credits by reading favorite medical journals, and send and receive HIPAA-secure faxes from your mobile device.


6. Practice Fusion 0

Practice Fusion is the largest cloud-based electronic health records company in the US. Their mission is to connect doctors, patients, and data to drive better health and save lives. This innovative, free, cloud-based model for electric health records technology is free to use. The platform connects the complex system of medical documents – labs, bills, patients, professionals, imaging centers, and more.


7. LifeDojo 0

LifeDojo’s 12-week behavior change programs deliver results to your healthcare bottom line. They are evidence-based and employees love them. LifeDojo is corporate wellness that works, as it encourages users through a journey of motivation, daily action, and support, which results in permanent health behavior changes.



8. Punctil 0

Punctil sends ETA requests for free! It also allows you to publish real-time wait times, keep credit cards secure, and charge for no-shows. Punctil is the only punctuality app that addresses healthcare’s main issues – no-shows and non-payments. Punctil overcomes these issues by securing credit cards in a vaulting system and co-branding appointment and payment status requests.


9. Lantern 0

Lantern understands that finding emotional well-being is important to one’s overall health. While accessing care is expensive and oftentimes completely out of reach, Lantern was founded to be an effective web and mobile program that offers cognitive behavioral therapy, information, counseling services, and other exercises. Their goal is to remove stigma and barriers that prevent people from strengthening their emotional selves. Their vision is to live in a world where people think differently about mental health – one where people feel empowered to stake a simple step toward self-improvement.


10. iCouch 0

iCouch is making online therapy easier and more accessible than ever. Their online platform lets you find the perfect therapist, schedule a session that fits your needs, and connect via secure video. iCouch was created because they know how hard it is to find a great therapist and they understand that the best therapist for you isn’t necessarily in close proximity to you. iCouch lets you find the perfect therapist at the convenience of your computer.


Know anyone we should have included? Let us know in the comments below!

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