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Advice Worth Sharing

Advice Worth Sharing



At the end of the day, having great advice is only one part of the success formula for entrepreneurs, start-ups and beyond. However today’s post focuses on just that - advice worth sharing. Having had some amazing conversations with entrepreneurs around the globe, you’ll find below well rounded advice that can help you get past the proverbial sticking point to help you create truly remarkable results. 

1. Clover 5


Clover is your all-in-one solution. Clover replaces your cash register, payment terminal, receipt printer, and barcode scanner with an integration of products. Clover accepts credit cards, EMV, and Apple Pay.


Advice from Clover Founder Mark Schultze: "Make sure that your product fits the markets needs and you find that fit by listening to your customers and giving them what they want. Persistence and hustle are also underestimated yet paramount to any entrepreneurs success."

2. QwikSense 3


QwikSense’s motto: “Vital people create a vital organization and vice versa.” QwikSense tracks the impacts of your work environment on employee health, wellbeing and productivity in order to use this data in financial decision-making.


Qwiksense’ Co- Founder, Paul Stomph, shared this advice: "everyone tends to stay in their comfort zone. Go out of your comfort zone and don't be afraid of making mistakes. Be a doer and don't wait too long. Build your minimally viable product as soon as possible"

3. Virality Score 3

Virality Score

As a company with a vision, Virality measures companies, people, products, events and more. As a trendsetting company, Virality provides you with the tools to achieve more effective content and to outrank your competitors.


Virality Score's founder, Tom Maiaroto, shared his advice: "having a good idea is the foundation of what you ad being able to productize it makes the difference between a great idea and a great business. And once you've got a great idea, think about how you can monetize it before you move forward."

4. Case 3


Case is a company building the world's most secure wallet platform. It is a multi-signature, multi-factor wallet that requires 2-of-3 keys for a transaction to take place.

Case founder, Melanie Shapiro, shared this valuable advice: "There are a lot of things coming against you as an entrepreneur, so find the most comfortable environment you can find and start there… perhaps an accelerator. 
Another piece of advice, “try and hire people that are smarter than you! One of the most valuable things you have is your team. Seed investors look for the team; your entire value comes down to who makes up your team."

5. Vheda Health 3

Vheda Health

Humanizing healthcare through technology. Vheda Health is changing the field of digital medicine with effective and personalized mobile health programs.



Vheda Health founder Shameet Luhar shared this advice, "regardless of what you have heard, being an entrepreneur and founding a startup is 10 times harder than you think." He also shared: "There is a misconception in the startup world. Press releases these days are focused more on how much money your company raises, versus building a long-term business. Having revenue is critical, so focus on building the business first."

6. Acculation 3


Better decisions through data. Companies and individuals are currently ignoring many data signals. Acculation use analytics and the Internet of things improve companies and their home environments.



 Acculation founder Werner Krebs shared this advice:  "A lot of entrepreneurs think they can just put the product out there without a lot of planning. Accurate analytics are extremely important to monitor so you can guide your business properly"

7. Entrigna 2


Entrigna aims to deliver innovative solutions while maintaining the most cost effective manner. Entrigna’s Real Time Expert System platform translates date and cutting-edge predictive analytics into real-time.



Entrigna founder, Murali Kashaboina, shared "Entrepreneur's need to be mentally tough, it's not an overnight success and a long endeavor...there just aren't overnight successes. This is a marathon not a sprint."

8. Abacus 2


Managing employee expenses is not easy, and definitely not fun. Stop managing employee expenses the hard way. With Abacus, you can reimburse your team, reconcile corporate credit cards and implement your expense policy.

Co-Founder, Josh Halickman, shared this advice: "The faster you can get a product out to users and get feedback on it is extremely valuable. You want to make sure the feedback you get can identify any problems so you can create a better product.”

9. Peer5 2


Peer5 is the serverless CDN that delivers faster distributed P2P content without the bandwidth. Peer5’s team consists of experts with a variety experience, ranging from big data analytics to large-scale web application infrastructure to virtualization and networking.

Founder, Hadar Weiss, and Co-Founder, Shachar Zohar, share a piece of advice. "Persistence is the most important thing. So many ups and downs can happen, so keep doing what you feel is right and don't quit. Unless you're really persistent, being an entrepreneur is going to be too difficult."

10. YumaWorks 2


YumaWorks is a leader in model-driven automation tools for NETCON, CLI and REST network management interfaces. YumaWorks offers unified configuration access across a variety of protocalls, making your life simple

Yumaworks co-founder and CEO, Andy Bierman, gives his advice worth sharing, "you have to fight the tendency to get it perfect the first time out, and get the product out into the hands of customers sooner rather than later. If your customers are asking for features, you need to think about why they're asking."

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