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Advice Comes in all Shapes and Sizes

Advice Comes in all Shapes and Sizes

By: Staci Chesler


No matter who you are, where you’re from, or what you do, we all have advice worth sharing. Whether that be the greatest lesson ever learned, an idea you without a doubt recommend, or words of encouragement, the truth is, it’s all relevant. Each one of us has something different to share, a story to tell, making our advice that much more unique. It’s been said that the best way to learn is to teach, and I say some of the greatest lessons ever learned is through advice.

1. BugCrowd 4


Founded in 2012 by CEO Casey Ellis, BugCrowd has come a long way in a short time, and continues to rapidly grown. Redefining the cybersecurity market, BugCrowd is the first of their kind. They are essential to any company relying on an application for their business, working closely with most often technology companies, but retail and healthcare businesses as well. Using a revolutionary approach, their number one priority is to provide the highest level of security.  


BugCrowd CEO, Casey Ellis shared, “Surround yourself with what you need. Have a very honest assessment of what your strengths and weaknesses are and then finding the right people to help you grow.”

2. Kinderloop 3


Kinderloop CEO, Dan Day shared, “Make sure you’ve chosen the right team. If you have the right team you can achieve anything. Doesn’t matter what idea you have and it doesn't necessarily matter how much money you have. If you have an amazing team with you, you can literally do anything.” It was a quick chat over coffee, and the right team that had Dan Day on his way to creating Kinderloop in just two weeks. Kinderloop is growing rapidly, and is most importantly disrupting an industry that needs disruption. It is their mission to provide the opportunity for better communication between parents and educators. With their education software, parents are no longer left wondering how their child’s day was, and Early Childhood education teachers have a more effective way to communicate. Saving precious time in this hectic world we live in, has never been easier.

3. Rayku 2


Starting young at just 12 years old, the president of Rayku, Donny Ouyang, has been an entrepreneur for as long as he can remember. With so much time devoted to creating online businesses, he found less time to study, and quickly realized the necessity of a tutor. It wasn’t long after that Rayku, an online math tutoring company was born. Rayku is made up of a small team of certified educators, passionate about helping students learn through an entirely new platform. They work with grades one through twelve, in not only the US but in Canada as well. With a business model that works, gets results, and is significantly cheaper, Rayku is on their way up and ready to expand.


The president of Rayku, shared, “Focus on things within your control. Anything that isn’t in your control, acknowledge that it exists but don’t waste energy on it.”

4. Do 1


If you’ve ever worked for a large company, you know meetings can often be unfocused and unproductive. Do is proud to provide a service that allows for higher productivity and an overall more positive approach in the work place. With a push of a button, Do will give the tools to make better decisions, get things done, and outline discussions. Forget all of the crazy emails, Do is a one stop shop, providing you with a shared canvas for every meeting.


Do founder, Jason Shah says, “People spend years working on things they never really would have, if they were more honest with themselves. Or they never get started because they are kidding themselves about being happy with their status quo and they’re not willing to takes a risk. Be honest with yourself and question things.”

5. Prompt.ly 1


Founded in 2013, Prompt.ly CEO, Richard Titus and his partner were on a mission to provide their own independent service providers a more efficent way to run their business. Focused exclusively on helping solopreneurs be more successful, they created a mobile platform that provides hand-held business management tools.  Anyone who is self employed, selling their time by the hour such as a dog walker or a tutor can often find themselves unorganized. Prompt.ly is a specialized tool with unifed calendars, maps, contacts, and more, creating a more effortless business approach.  Today, independent service providers makeup $1.27 trillion of the economic activity in the US. With Prompt.ly, solopreneurs can increase their revenue, manage their clients, and most importantly sell their time.


Prompt.ly CEO, shared  “Follow your instincts, youre almost always right. Trust your gut, make decisions and don't look back.”

6. Miva 1


Miva President, Rick Wilson shared, “It’s important to understand what your valuable proposition is. Why people care about using your product and service, and what makes you different than the other people in the market. Keep paying attention to that, refining that, and getting better at that.” It was this passion that brought him back to Miva, a company he had already successfully ran. In August 2007, Rick Wilson along with four others bought Miva back, and have been dominating ever since. In just the last eight years, Miva went from half a million in revenue and five employees to 12 million in revenue and 100 employees. Whether your business is a global enterprise or a startup, Miva will be sure to provide you with an ecommerce platform unique to any and all business requirements needed. Offering customer web design, development solutions, and PCI compliant ecommerce.

7. Wantering 1


It took just one evening for the CEO of Wantering, Matt Friesen and his Co-Founder to develop the only social-powered fashion search engine online. Realizing that shopping online can often be time consuming and sometimes stressful, they created Wantering with the vision of greater visual representation, and an overall better experience for both the consumer and retailer. Not even four years later, Wantering has a fast growing following, which consists of a highly influential group of core users. Check out the latest trends, follow your favorite fashion bloggers, and shop the 150+ ecommerce stores all in one place. Sweetening the deal, Wantering will automatically apply any discounts available, price check every item to find the ultimate deal, and is the only contact you need for returns and exchanges.


Wantering CEO, shared “As a CEO and entrepreneur, it's important to closely communicate with your customer. It can be incredibly difficult in the digital world but talking to your user base can be so much more effective.”

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