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Adapting for your industries limitations is a technique many take advantage of with the right means and roadmapping. If one is a photographer for instance, and their speciality is wedding photography he or she will see more business in the warmer seasons. According to Wedding Channel off-peak wedding months vary according to regional climate and the desirability of the weather.” The season generally occurs between May and early November. So, photographers have to accommodate their own potential risk of no earnings by adapting.


Heather Parker, Founder and Photographer of Heather Parker Photography said she has had to adapt “by targeting destination weddings in warm climates. It allowed me to create opportunities in the slow winter season in Chicago and smooth out the seasonality of the wedding photography business.” Her industry is not the only one in which this micro target marketing is occurring.

(Adaptation makes money? Fantastic!)


In discussing the type of discipline needed to help adapt, Bret Feranchak, of Logos Consulting Group LLC in Chicago said “Be client focused. Take on projects you know you can do well. Learning how to say no otherwise.”  In his industry its about making the right connections at the right time, making sure to have lasting relationships. Adaptation can help such an effort.


(Should I Consider Adapting?)


Marc B. Horin, Founder of National Compliance Consultants, Inc., considers his adaptation to rest more on instinct and intellect. When asked what kind of entrepreneurial advice he had to offer in this domain he said “Love it or Leave it. Be impassioned but make sure it has a future.” Indeed this is true, part of adaptation is a the pursuit of a goal that worth it.

(Famously Adapted for like Six Teams)


The adaptive technique is the main ingredient in entrepreneurism, however, it is a handy tool for a jam. Considering the viability of untouched markets or non conventional projects can test and ultimately grow an aspiring entrepreneur and their business.

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