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A Conversation with Eugene Shlyakhta, COO of Breathslim

What was the inspiration for Breathslim®?



We had success and positive feedback with Frolov’s Respiratory Trainer, which is the original device that Breathslim® was derived from. While Frolov’s was classified as a medical device and was FDA approved for the treatment of asthma, Breathslim® is more of a therapeutic, total health and wellness tool. Oxygen is arguably the most important nutrient for the human body, as all cells depend on it. Since nine out of ten Americans are breathing improperly with their chest and are subsequently not getting enough oxygen, we recognized that there is an opportunity here.


How was the product developed and manufactured?



As mentioned above, it was developed and modified from the Frolov’s Respiratory trainer which was invented in Russia by a doctor and microbiologist. Breathslim® is an updated version of Frolov’s with different levels of resistance to accommodate individuals with different lung strengths. We manufacture Breathslim® here in the United States out of BPA-free, food-grade plastic. This is something we take great pride in as so many products are outsourced to China where there is little regulation and harmful manufacturing processes.

This product is pretty interesting. Is there anything else on the market like it?

There are various respiratory trainers out there. Most of them, such as the Powerbreathe and Ultra Breathe apparatuses, cater to the athletic demographic. Since we offer multiple levels of resistance, our users vary from obese individuals who have breathing issues to fit yoga instructors. Furthermore, we are the only patented respiratory trainer that effectively trains both inhalation and exhalation.  


As a startup, what are some successes - and challenges - you've experienced with this company?

Marketing and branding. We originally branded the device as a “Weight Loss Device” since one of our health benefits is fat oxidation (fat burning). However, over time, we realized that the weight loss demographic is extremely skeptical of new products and methods, even if they are all natural. In addition to that, most people are looking for a quick, easy fix to losing weight, such as taking pills and supplements. Our product does take time and effort; 20 minutes a day. 


Can Breathslim be purchased in any stores?


We are not in any major retail stores, although we have met with giants such as Walgreen’s and Rite Aid. You see, major retailers require major marketing support. With time and with proper funding, we hope to successfully penetrate that marketplace. We are in a few specialty pharmacies, yoga studios, and health and wellness stores in the US. We are also in various online marketplaces such as Amazon (fulfilled by Amazon), Active Forever, Pro-Therapy Supplies, Wholesome Group and Action Development Group. We also have exclusive distributors at the international level in South Korea, UK, South Africa, Australia and Serbia. 


What's the future of Breathslim® or how do you see this product/company evolving?

In the future, we would like to do the following:

·      Continue improving our online presence and increasing purchases made through our website.

·      Expand our vendor partnerships with big name doctors and recognizable individuals in the medical and health community

·      Build our B2B partnerships with distributors and wholesalers

·      With the proper marketing support, enter the mass retail channel

·      Once brand is developed and recognized, release a “new and  improved” version as well as explore the possibility of creating a  respiratory trainer exclusively for improving cardiovascular and  athletic performance.


What type of customers do you serve?
Humans mostly...just kidding! Most of our clients are women, approximately 60 percent of them.
All of our clients understand the importance of deep breathing and appreciate a natural and holistic approach to total health and wellness. We also have clients that use the product because their health depends on it, for instance asthma or other pulmonary conditions. On the other side of the spectrum, we have yoga professionals, athletes and personal trainers that use our product to strengthen their lungs and improve lung function. 


What's your personal #1 healthy living tip?
Be positive; your total health and wellness depends on a healthy mind...and use Breathslim®

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