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Community Blog / A Conversation with Bob Scott, VP of Business Development at Virtual Doorway

These days, technology has changed and enhanced business practices to make telecommuting and remote collaborate more common and efficient. With video chatting and instant messaging, these advancements have made it easy to do business instantly and even face-to-face with clients and colleagues who are based remotely, whether down the street or around the globe. VirtualDoorway is a clever company that is facilitating such practices. MeetAdvisors recently chatted with Bob Scott, VP of business development with VirtualDoorway, a leader in next-generation text, voice and video chat business communications.

Here’s what he said about VirtualDoorway’s do-it-all communications platform:


What makes VirtualDoorway unique?



Three things make VirtualDoorway unique:


  1. Completely web-based and customizable
  2. Single-feed live video and audio stream
  3. Additional sales and support tools (Desktop Sharing, File Sharing, Video Player, Recording, Remote Control)  


What type of clients do you work with?

We have two main focuses here at VirtualDoorway:


1.       One is to create partnerships with companies that can take advantage of the customization aspect of VirtualDoorway and MegaMeeting.com’s conferencing solution.  Vertical Market Business Management companies have proven to be the best for these partnerships, as  we can offer them a solution that is built around their existing platform that they can then offer as a solution to their existing client base.  Our offering gives our partners a competitive advantage over their competition, as well as allows them an additional income stream from their existing client base.  For IT management companies, we offer the Desktop Sharing with Remote Control to allow an agent the ability to turn a chat inquiry into a ticket and a desktop takeover to troubleshoot issues.

2.   The other focus is on small to medium size companies that are looking to offer a better way to communicate with their clients via the web. Our solution allows these clients to use a single service to do presentations, webinars, company meetings, LiveChat, support, and customer service!



How did VirtualDoorway start? What was the inspiration?

VirtualDoorway actually started as a MegaMeeting feature called MeetUsNow. MeetUsNow was a button that customers could put on their website that, when selected, would ring the host’s computer to begin a video chat. Customers loved the idea of the instant meeting, but the end user was admittedly not comfortable with the host/vendor being able to see them. We started to poll our clients and their clients to see what would be the ultimate experience and VirtualDoorway was created.  The guests wanted the ability to see and hear the vendor, as it made them feel better about doing business with a person instead of a website, however they wanted to be able to shop and search without worrying that someone would be able to see them. For this reason, we created the unique experience that offers a live chat interface for a guest to see their host without being seen themselves.


How has your business evolved since launching in November?

When VirtualDoorway was first launched, we had no comparisons on the market. This created a hurdle for us, forcing us to do more educating than selling. Since then the Amazon Kindle has put forward the “Mayday” button. and American Express has instituted a single-feed video chat for their top-level clients. By using these products as a comparable user experience, it has become easier for potential clients to see and understand the value in our service.


What are some notable successes you've experienced with this company? How about any challenges?

We feel that the biggest success has been more in the product development than anything else. Our team is truly amazing and has worked hard to push the envelope of what was thought possible at this current stage of web-based communication. 


The challenges we face are in getting the word out, and letting people know that a product like this exists, and furthermore how easily a company can add this into their current business model.


How do you see VirtualDoorway evolving in the future?

We will be evolving with technology, and offering a solution that the next generation of website visitors and clients will be yearning for. We are also working on other features that will allow for an unbelievable mobile version for every company to use. We expect many of our future features will be driven by our partners and what they feel they need to keep their offering ahead of the competition in their respective industries.


Can you describe an instance where this product was used successfully with a client?

Our clients have really enjoyed how successful they have been in converting from a basic, reactive “sign up for a free quote” model that they previously used to a much more pro-active “speak with an agent for a free quote” model that VirtualDoorway offers. They are seeing much faster closing rates, and higher generated revenue due to the instant trust and relationship building the video chat is offering.



What’s your office environment like?

The office environment here at VirtualDoorway is unique in that we have many satellite employees all over the states. Our main headquarters is in California, but thanks to the software that we have, we are just an email away from face-to-face meetings, without the restrictions of location. This has allowed us to choose the best possible team based on experience, personality, and company synergy, without the restraints of location.  We do have daily meetings and stay in constant contact with everyone to maintain a true team, and company atmosphere… but it wouldn’t be possible without our software!



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