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7 Companies That Deliver Their Mission To Customers Each Day

7 Companies That Deliver Their Mission To Customers Each Day



One of the most important aspects of any business is how you position your mission statement, which is how your company conveys what they are passionate about and what they wish to achieve. Additionally, mission statements are frequently used to brand your company, further separating it from its competitors. That being said, taking the time to create an incredible mission statement is essential for your company to see further success. Here are a few companies that are succeeding by using and sticking to their mission statement:

1. KRE Consulting 63

KRE Consulting

At KRE, they believe in changing the status quo and thrive in engagements that enable business transformation, typically on a large scale. Their main role is to enable the knowledge, ideas, vision and inspiration from our client’s employees to be the real drivers of such transformations. They understand that each company is unique with its own culture, processes and approach to fulfill its mission. Thus, they provide value by customizing industry tools and frameworks from the fields of project management, business and systems architecture to fit with their client’s specific needs.


Herag Haleblian, Founder and Managing Partner of KRE says their mission is focused on “the business aspect of project management and distinguishing ourselves from those that just get things done. We also look to add strategic value, change management and make sure that the project positively impacts the entire organization. Our plan is to grow organically and dedicate ourselves to each project, from this, we hope to receive continual referral and repeat business.”

2. Vine Solutions 26

Vine Solutions

Vine Solutions is the Leading restaurant accounting and consulting firm for the premier restaurateur. Their specialized restaurant financial services provide you with the sophisticated tools, proprietary software, and experienced professionals to help you realize your maximum business potential. They strive to offer the best business services possible while also giving the personalized hands-on guidance that you require. Their goal is to provide you with the most accurate and timely information so you can make informed and timely decisions for your restaurant's continued success. Providing a full range of services, Vine Solutions was designed to help organize all aspects of your restaurant accounting needs including monthly and annual financials, vendor payments, and payroll. With the personalized guidance of their focused and unbiased team, they will implement the specific solutions to enhance your business growth and maximize your bottom line.


Edward Levine, CEO of Vine says, “we don’t provide data, we provide information and then help our clients use that to strategize for success. Our aim is to educate our clients, to advise them and arm them with the information that they need to run their businesses successfully. If we don’t develop our clients and help them grow with what they do, we have not accomplished the goals we have set out to achieve. Ultimately, we strive to create value every day through information advice and education.”

3. Vayomar 12


Vayomar is a global provider of communication competencies that helps individuals and companies realize and articulate their goals. They offer a diverse platform of technology and methodology-based principles that enable intelligent communication, dialogue and relationships – all of which lead to real results. Vayomar helps people choose the right words in whichever way best suits them, but whatever the method, the goal is always the same: they teach people to communicate clearly and effectively so they achieve the results they want. Their aim is to give people the power of the ‘what’ and the ‘how,’ so their communications rise way above the din.


Vayomar’s mission is “to help people deliver better messages so that they may achieve their specific goals,” says Gur Braslavi, Founder & Co-Owner. “We all have to communicate no matter where we live, but most of us do not possess the tools to clearly articulate want we want to say, we help people to clearly deliver their message and empower them to be heard.” Gur continues that “we live in a dynamic world that moves faster than ever, so don’t waste time building a 10 year plan--even conglomerates cannot build a strategy that extends further than 5 years.  Focus your strategy on your mission and build actionable and concrete goals while focusing on solutions rather than problems.”

4. Intertech 6


Intertech was founded in 1991 and now is the largest combined software developer training and consulting firm in Minnesota. Intertech designs, develops and implements secure, robust and scalable software and mobile solutions that power businesses of all sizes, government agencies and non-profit organizations. Intertech’s consulting application development services include on-site consulting, outsourcing and mentoring on Agile, .NET, Java, SQL Server, and mobile development including iPhone (iOS) and Android platforms. Intertech’s training courses include all current Java, .NET and web services technologies, with classes offered at Intertech, customer locations and online. Intertech offers free learning through periodic Oxygen Blast technical presentations and meetings of the Twin Cities Java User Group (TCJUG), of which Intertech is a founding sponsor.


Tom Salonek, Founder of Intertech, says they are “we are the top training and consulting firm in the midwest and will only accept great work--even in slow times. We also know, that to have the best people, we have to have the best work and projects. To prevent people from running for the doors, never give them work that’s beneath their skill level or that does not have a specified end date.”

5. Identity Automation 3

Identity Automation

Identity Automation is a leading provider of identity, data and access management software. They help enterprise, education, and government customers streamline security and manage user identities and access privileges across on-premises and cloud-based systems. Their mission is to securely put control of crucial identity-management tools in the hands of the users who need it most — employees and managers. Their flagship product, RapidIdentity, is intuitive, lightning-fast, rapid to deploy, and easy to use.


Josh Orum, CMO says “our mission statement helps guide us to make the world different - a better place, where security is streamlined and happens in the background. Our mission statement keeps our strategies and tactics focused on helping companies embrace security, and limiting their risk. We use it and our stated values to maintain our high levels of service and support, because without them our mission is at risk."

6. Goliath Technologies 2

Goliath Technologies

Goliath Technologies provides proactive IT Operations software that addresses the evolving challenges of deploying virtual server and virtual desktop infrastructure whether on premise or in the cloud. Their solutions are purpose built for these emerging platforms and application delivery methods so they are vastly easier to use and more cost effective with greater functionality than alternative legacy products or point solutions. Goliath’s global client base includes Facebook, Xerox, ADP, UHS, The VA, KPMG, Verizon Wireless, and Thomson Reuters.


Goliath’s mission is to build technologies that help a very specific buyer--the systems administrator--to be proactive in managing the company’s operations. “Our software provides administrators the ability to become aware of issues through an alert system, before they occur. We are able to be proactive and work to prevent common IT related problems through built in system rules,” says Thomas Charlton, Chairman & CEO of Goliath Technologies. Thomas believes that having this clearly articulated mission statement, “provides the guided direction for all people in the organization to follow and deliver consistent results to our customers.”

7. Enlighten 2


With decades of practical experience, Enlighten realizes that operational excellence is not just about computer systems, it is all about people. They believe that operational excellence hails from exceptional management behavior, founded on solutions that are innovative, effective and practical. At Enlighten everything they do is to create exceptional back-office performance, enable managers to manage, and inspire leaders to lead. They are different, as their approach is founded on real-world hands-on methodologies, on-the-job coaching, training and proven change-management practices, fueled by ground-breaking software.


Tony Tregurtha, Co-CEO, Founder & President, says, “we don’t just sell software, we help companies achieve operational excellence. We believe that the process of planning is more important than the plan itself. As our market is evolving quickly, if we plan for years down the road, we will miss the opportunities available to us right now. Ultimately, we look to supply management with operational information about how well the company is performing on a day to day basis. From this, they can reduce costs and have the ability to understand and manage performance, this subsequently will boost employee engagement and happiness.”

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