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9 Companies taking the Innovative Route to Success

9 Companies taking the Innovative Route to Success

By: Staci Chesler


As the tech world continues to rapidly progress and move us towards a bright future, it’s easy to get caught up with some of the things we see on the internet. If you are trying to make a contribution and add to this technological revolution, it can be done in one way - innovation. It is through innovation and hard work that you will watch your business grow, and more importantly, make a positive impact on society. Here are 9 companies taking the innovative route to success and give back to the world by doing so:

1. Contentools 31


When their journey began about two years ago, Contentools was the first content marketing startup in Brazil. Not only did they create a platform that connects people with content producers, but started offering more tools surrounding productivity. These management tools increase efficiency by better coordinating your team and streamlining production. After recently launching the 3rd version of their platform, Contentools is now offering their services to companies all over the globe. In 2014, they grew a whopping 1000% in the home market, and continue to experience explosive growth. Contentools gives you and your company the opportunity to grow, while staying organized, and managing your team in the most productive manner. They provide less complex, user friendly tools, ultimately making life more manageable. With Contentools you can focus on what matters most - your plan, your content strategist efforts, and most importantly the analysis of your results.


CEO Emilia Chagas, shared, “Surrounding yourself with advisors who really understand their market, and have more experience than you, can truly make a difference for any start up”

2. Officevibe 12


There is nothing better than going to work in a positive and friendly place. It goes without saying that when employees enjoy their job, they are likely to be more efficient, and far more productive. After doing some extensive research, Officevibe quickly realized that instead of focusing solely on employees they needed to turn their attention towards office managers, and HR managers. This allowed for a better measure of success, displaying how habits were improving in the work place. By giving organizations the tools they need to become wonderful workplaces, Officevibe is changing the game as we know it. They take the time to educate managers, giving companies a better understanding on engagement levels of employees.


Director of Customer Happiness, shared, “Stay focused. A lot entrepreneurs try a lot of different traction channels, pick one or two channels and focus on them exclusively and do them amazingly.”

3. Daily Secret 8

Daily Secret

Launched in 2010, Daily Secret has quickly become the ultimate travel guide for global millennials. Whether your wanderlust takes you outside of the country, or to explore a new city, Daily Secret is sure to further inspire your desire to travel, helping you discover and share your experiences. CEO, Jac White was more than excited to be a part of Daily Secret when she started her journey with them about a year and half ago. Today Daily secret continues to build their culture, lifestyle, and travel content, while also creating more offline experiences for consumers. Their influential team shares the most exclusive destinations and secrets from over 25 different cities around the world. They provide a platform to discover only the most precious hidden treasures, the best restaurants, outdoor adventures, and more.

CEO, Jac White shared, “You have to really trust your gut and know what you want. It’s important to take advice and listen to other people but at the end of the day you live and breathe your company. Know your audience and your product, and believe in it.”

4. Thinknum 7


After graduating from college, Justin Zhen and Thinkum’s Co-founder went their separate ways. One worked at a hedge fund, while the other worked as an investment banker. While doing so, they both realized the tools being used by these institutions were inefficient. From there they decided that they would collaborate and build a platform in which investors can take advantage of resources. Analysts from around the world use Thinkum as their platform for building what is now the largest repository of financial models. Thinkum provides the data and tools which allow investors to make more informed decisions on a day-to-day basis.


Thinkum Co-Founder, Justin Zhen shared, “Some of the best solutions are to problems that you've witnessed first hand.”

5. PijonBox 3


Do you want to show your child just how much you miss them while they are away at college? Not to worry, PijonBox is here to help. In fact, they have provided students with over 27,000 PijonBoxes, which are beautifully prepared care packages, on over 14 college campuses. This company sends customized care packages to your college student, with the mission of making college students feel more at home. They deliver delicious and nutritious snacks, health and beauty supplies, household essentials, and fun gifts. PijonBox provides their monthly services at a low price, allowing you the opportunity to send your child a gift no matter the distance.


Pijon CEO, Rob Caucci shared, “There's a lot of vanity that comes along with being an entrepreneur, know what value you bring to the world, and make sure you’re doing it for the right reasons.”

6. Fullstack Academy 3

Fullstack Academy

Founded in 2012, Co-Founder Nimit Maru originally built software that allowed programmers to code without actually coding. He quickly realized they were smart enough to do it themselves, which is when Fullstack Academy pivoted to teaching people how to code. They began teaching coding classes at prestigious business schools on the East Coast, selling out classes in under 48 hours. It was then that they saw a much larger opportunity, which lead them to get their own campus in 2013. Today, Fullstack Academy is an incredibly rigorous academic program, with seven full time educators on staff and 300 student on page to graduate as software engineers this year. Their cutting edge curriculum will take you from amateur to professional in just 13 weeks, providing a 97% hiring rate, and passion you can’t find anywhere else.


Fullstack Co-Founder, Nimit Maru shared, “The word want is hard to achieve, but you have to make something that people want. It’s not a maybe want, it’s a willing to put your credit card down want.”

7. ArtCorgi 1


Simone Collins founded ArtCorgi when she was proposed to on the Internet. Her fiancé commissioned 21 pieces of art showing different marriage proposal themes featuring the two of them inspired by several passions they shared. At the time, they were thinking of possible startups, and when his proposal went viral, the light bulb turned on. The main premise of ArtCorgi: commissioning romantic and fun pieces of art on their own. ArtCorgi provides people with digital works of art. With a broad spectrum of photos and pieces of art to choose from, they focus on supporting freelance artists, providing them with a platform for them to sell their work.


Founder Simone Collins, shared, “Don’t be too impatient about the growth of your business. It pays to lie and wait for a little while, that way you can be more careful with your investors funds.”

8. Tappur 1


After CEO Lei Yu decided she wanted to be in the center of the tech industry, she made a life changing choice to move to San Francisco. It was there that she met her Co-Founder at a summer hardware conference, who already had a working prototype: DrumPants. At the time, DrumPants was simply a sensor duct taped to a pair of jeans. Today DrumPants has evolved into Tappur, which is on it’s second production run and they’ve identified as an application beyond music. They’re helping those with disabilities be more independent, and making an abled bodied person more productive. With just a quick tap on your smartwatch, Tappur allows you to control your media, change the lighting in your house, and unlock your doors.


Tappur CEO, Lei Yu shared, “As an entrepreneur you’re trying to solve a problem, you're learning all this new stuff that you've never encountered before and unexpected things pop up and the most important thing is to move forward keep learning.”

9. AgFunder 1


While Rob Leclerc and his Co Founder were in West Africa developing Agricultural projects, they realized investors had little exposure and gateway to invest. With that, they saw a huge opportunity. They’ve currently raised over $20 million and have over 1300 registered investors, and they continue to grow their business. They provide access to early stage investment opportunities in Ag and AgTech, bringing investors and opportunity together in the real economy. AgFunder is open to both large institutional investors as well as smaller accredited investors.


Co Founder at AgFunder, Rob Leclerc shared, “As you're starting off, the null hypothesis in everyone's mind is that this is a fleeting idea, the idea is bad, or that you will fail. Perseverance will eventually dispel all of that. If you're right, but investors or the market are not quite ready, then your job is to stay table as long as you can until you're dealt a good hand. This will also mean that you have to run lean to extend your runway.”

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