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8 Ways to Make Your Day At Work More Successful

8 Ways to Make Your Day At Work More Successful



There are many factors that contribute up to a successful work day. While some may focus on the amount of work they complete, others will focus on the quality of work they are able to finish. Either way, in order to get any task done, a person is required to be productive. If you need tips on how to stay productive throughout the work day, you’ve come to the right place. Read on for 8 ways to be your most productive self.

1. Paribus 9


Stores often guarantee that you will get the lowest prices. They even promise to price match. But they don’t follow through unless you work for it. Paribus changes this. When you are owed money, Paribus’ advanced algorithms automatically get it for you. Money just appears back in your wallet. Sign up with your mailbox and Paribus handles everything else: Automatically detect purchases, monitor and compare price changes/coupons in real time, and engage with stores to get you paid.


“We keep it fun and efficient. We don’t focus on the hours or the days, we look at the big picture and are always ready to buckle down and get things done.” - Karim Atiyeh, Founder

2. Joule 8


More flexibility than car ownership. More freedom than car-sharing. Joule is a new way to drive: where you always have the car you love and you never have the hassles. Customers have access to a large selection of vehicles that they drive, park, and refuel just as if they owned it.


“My days at work are more successful when I build a schedule that works well for me and my family. We share calendars internally and externally to manage our time most effectively and get the work done.” - Ian Maddox, Co-Founder & CEO

3. Slemma 6


Slemma is a cloud data visualisation tool which allows you to visualize data easily online from a variety of data sources, whether they be files, databases, or industry solutions. Despite the fact that Slemma offers many options for free users, our set of business services is of great interest to professionals in the field of visualization and data analysis.


“We leverage Jira & Slack as great productivity tools to stay focused and get things done faster. My personal to do lists are essential in keeping my work on track and completed.” - Matt Mulholland, Marketing Manager

4. VDI Space 5

VDI Space

VDI Space specializes in helping to build cloud products into a revenue growth product portfolio for existing technology companies, including telecom, MSP, and various technology based companies. VDI Space has a management team with over 50 years of combined experience in IT and Cloud. With extensive experience in the CLOUD and VDI space, VDI Space can build product sets from business continuity to Desktops-as-a-Service, and ensure that your business continues to adapt to the current technological market trends. Understanding how business process works and how the IT sales process works, VDI Space can take those solutions and help to accelerate revenue growth for your organization, so you can embraced the cloud and monetize it to your advantage.


“Set small goals, especially when working on large scale solutions that require visionary thinking. Stay focused and open with your team, it is paramount to overall success.” - Michael Fraser, Founder & CEO

5. Market Chorus 4

Market Chorus

MarketChorus is a Dallas based technology company that creates dynamic, custom audiences for online advertising, lead generation and market research. Our Resonance Platform uses machine learning and natural language processing to understand people based on the content they read and share – integrating signals from Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and the open web to create segments specifically tailored to a brand or interest. Because it studies entire stories being shared, Resonance creates tailored audience segments that are contextual, real-time, and platform independent. This data-driven approach enables us to reach audiences on any network while reader attention and interest are at their peak, resulting in far more effective social promotions, focused reach extension, and high refresh rates.


“Being more successful is about understanding your customers from the simplest point of view. Once you do this you can provide the appropriate details and information to build a lasting and fruitful partnership.” - Matt Sommer, Founder & CTO

6. Merchlogix 3


We get it. The most important thing to a retailer is what you do with your square footage.

We identified a real need. We saw an area of opportunity that no other provider was addressing. We rose to the challenge and we solved it. It’s what we do. We have more than 30 years of retail experience and we know how to simplify the complex and bring clarity to internal processes that bog brands down and needlessly cost time and money. Designed from the ground up, MerchLogix was developed to simplify and clarify retail processes, and establish and maintain new systems that you won’t know how you lived without. The result is a comprehensive system designed to handle every aspect of merchandising fulfillment starting at the product-line-review phase and culminating with lift reporting and repeatable best practices.


“From a 30,000 foot view, my focus is to see the yearly and quarterly plan. I sketch it out down to the smallest detail and that helps me to know exactly my weekly and daily tasks, but still stay organic.” - Kim Kregloski, VP Business Development

7. Open Surge Group 3

Open Surge Group

OpenSurge is a specialized consultancy group dedicated to solving the unique strategic, management and systems problems of the small to midsize business (SMB). We’ve been there during business startups, at the public multi-national doing business process improvements and all the places in between. And yes we’ve reengineered, TQM’d, LEAN’d and all the other fancy catch phrases. But that’s not what the SMB client wants, you want solutions - not slogans, that make your business more competitive, more efficient and give you the edge to grow your business. We know IT and love blending technology into business solutions – anything from spreadsheets, or hosted database solutions to best in class xTuple open source ERP.


“Time management and task prioritization is paramount as there will always be more to do than can be completed. Staying motivated by the success of the team is the key in any business.” - Mitch Rushing, Managing Director

8. HatchForce 3


We help startups in the internet and software space to accelerate from idea to market launch with an iterative lean startup methodologies. We have vast experience in taking a startup from the ideation stage, getting the napkin idea to a real mockup/wireframes, design/deploy apps on cloud platform. Our execution intelligence in building startup allows us to educate the founder and bypass the pitfalls & myths of startups. We believe idea on the first day would never be the same the very next day. We support our clients to flexible space using tools and methodologies to measure and grow their startup and find their pivot. If you have an idea and are looking to build a prototype using, we can make it happen to get your minimal viable product within no time with the cheapest possible cost you can imagine.


“We try to stay very lean and run a tight ship with a startup mentality. This helps us to stay focused and successful when working with our clients.” - Praneeth Patlola, Chief Engineer

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