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8 Ways How Our Ancestors Set the Tone for Modern Day Business

8 Ways How Our Ancestors Set the Tone for Modern Day Business



According to Forbes, Webster’s dictionary defines legacy as, “anything handed down from the past, as from an ancestor or predecessor.” The generations before us laid the concrete foundation and created the rubric of how to work hard. If you are employed, are creating a company, or already own a company, your great-grandparents, grandparents, and parents should all be your heroes. Working hard to create your own legacy has been in engrained in our minds in order for our generation to thrive in today’s competitive world. The hard work will pay off, and you will eventually be able to retire, similar to how the generations before you have. If you want to be like them, and create an everlasting legacy, here is how they did it:

1. Tumble Road 239

Tumble Road

Treb Gatte is the Managing Partner at Tumble Road, where using his techniques, he’s helped well-known companies like Wells Fargo, Starbucks and Tory Burch achieve project management success. He is an internationally recognized Project Management expert and a Microsoft MVP. He’s used his Project and SharePoint expertise to author two books on the software.


“Reducing the chaos at work allows people to be more effective in their work and provides a greater sense of accomplishment about what they do when they go home. The supportive managers in my past career taught me a philosophy, which I carry forward in my business every day, that you enable the life of your employee, not simply oversee the job they do for you.” - Treb Gatte, Managing Partner

2. InfinIT Consulting 227

InfinIT Consulting

Based in the heart of the Silicon Valley, InfinIT Consulting was born from a unique ideology shared by six IT engineers and business experts: empower business to embrace the potential of IT. We give businesses the power to maximize their IT investments, regardless of industry or size, through an understanding of their business and goals. We aren’t a company of employees at InfinIT, we are a team that believes in doing the best for our customers, keeping our customers happy, and developing meaningful relationships with our customers to truly understand their businesses. We put solutions in place that directly add value and enhance productivity immediately. Our only scoreboard is our customers’ satisfaction.


“Growing up my mom worked 3 jobs to provide for the family. I saw what it meant to be honest and dedicated from a very young age. To this day, in light of difficult business situations, I stay true to my beliefs and base my actions from a place of integrity and helping my customers.” - Jerod Powell, Founder & CEO

3. Xprtly 23


Visibility, Traceability, and Accountability is the nirvana management seeks with the emergence of the remote and mobile workforce. Xprtly! is a metrics-driven, mobile collaboration platform providing organizations insight into team member contributions whether that team member is an internal resource or an external consultant. Xprtly! will revolutionize how organizations accomplish goals, complete project, and execute flawlessly in a structured and manageable way, allowing for Visibility, Traceability, and Accountability across a remote and mobile workforce.


“A good manager and a good leader, is completely independent of the technology or environment that we work in. As an entrepreneur, we must remember that every customer is our boss and they all will ask for our immediate attention.” - Faun deHenry, Founder

4. Check Defense, LLC 18

Check Defense, LLC

Check Defense LLC is the premier services provider of training, cross-cultural communications, learning solutions, IT, strategic communications and Intelligence services to federal and commercial entities. Check Defense is proud to provide world class training and support services strategically tailored to meet the specific needs of government agencies and commercial clients. Check out what Check Defense can do for you.


“My grandfather would get up every morning at 4:30, as if he was still in the marines, and us kids had to wake up at the same time as him. It was instilled in me at a very young age that hard work pays off, nothing is given to you, we must work and sacrifice to reach our goals.” - Josh Koscheck, Founder & CEO

5. Cloudticity 17


Cloudticity is a Muse Holdings portfolio company dedicated to improving public health by helping medical providers and companies "Wrangle the Cloud™." Cloudticity provides consulting services focused on developing HIPAA compliant applications on Amazon Web Services. Get your products to market faster. Preserve your cash flow. Instantly access resources just as you need them, without wasting time or money. Connect with your customers, your employees, your business partners. Heck, connect with your competitors. With nearly infinite capacity, the cloud offers nearly infinite possibilities. Leap over your competitors. See the whole landscape at once. Proactively address future trends while reacting to your customers’ demands. You can’t read a paragraph these days without a mention of the cloud. This time it’s not just a fad, it’s a new way of doing business – less expensive, hyper-efficient, and super flexible. Cloudticity helps you live in the cloud.


“Entrepreneurship runs deep in my family, from selling ice to neckties, we have always built businesses from the ground up. My idea and passion stems from my own family’s health history and the need to improve healthcare in this country.” - Gerry Miller, CTO

6. Digital Scirocco 8

Digital Scirocco

DigitalScirocco (DS) is a combination of patented technologies and years of big data experience combined to generate value through creating connections between your content and product channels. It uses cutting edge machine learning and behavioural modelling to optimise these links. DS consists of a unique semantic engine that is able to understand any content on your site through an ever-evolving database of more than six million semantic concepts. DS utilises this understanding in combination with your site visitor’s real time behaviour to create a contextual understanding that allows content and product to be intertwined to engage and convert your website audience throughout their journey through your website.


“Persistence and determination runs in our family and the culture I grew up within. I was shown at a young age what it means to work hard and drive value, things I continue to deliver upon today.” - Bruce D’Ambrosio, Founder & CEO

7. Centerus 5


Centerus hosts crypto-coin miners. We have several facilities in Wenatchee, Washington where we host mostly bitcoin miners from Spondoolies of Israel and BitmainTech of China. Our mission is to provide exemplary service to crypto-coin miners. Our motto is that the miner is the center of our universe.


“We strive to give people what they need at a fair price and deliver great results and service. Growing up we always tried to learn as much as possible and communicate well to get where we needed, that carries through today in my business.” - Carlos Tapang, Founder

8. Payboard 4


Payboard provides intelligent navigation as a service. By adding our script to the footer of a website, companies can effortlessly improve conversion rates. Payboard works by identifying successful user patterns, and recommending next steps based on recent successful user behavior. These recommendations are refreshed daily, so as the website changes and visitor behavior changes, the intelligent navigation updates automatically to guide more visitors to a positive outcome.


“I come from a family of entrepreneurs, our mindset has always been to start a business, rather than work for someone else. Managing stress and risk, while having a support structure to get through the difficult times, is key to success when working for yourself.” - Matt Dyor, Co-founder & CEO

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