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8 Tech Trendsetters to Track in 2015

8 Tech Trendsetters to Track in 2015



We select companies that transcend others to lead their industry and have the potential to produce a return on investment that is exceptional. Featured companies are summarized here, where you may vote for the one that sparks your interest!

1. CloudShift Solutions 61

CloudShift Solutions

CloudShift Solutions customers receive unlimited technical support, proactive remediation, a scalable solution stack, and detailed management reporting and analytics. Clients experience the best in customer service and IT expertise which means that technology issues are non-issues, and business technology is in essence an asset. Since their inception CloudShift Solutions has made it their business to understand their customer’s business and clients often are often surprised by proactive visits just to check in. Preventive medicine is the best medicine. CloudShift Solutions has grown in reputation and market share from the start and they look very good for continued expansion.

2. AllSay 16


AllSay is a news app that allows the user to choose the areas of news that interest them. Community oriented, AllSay integrates local news with a responsive platform that allows two-way interfacing so users can express their opinions and influence decisions. The AllSay team has a vision of how to make sense of our community and our world - and change the way we engage with decision-making. Local lawmakers are closing a road or raising your taxes? You’ll know about it and you’ll know how to make your opinion reach the key people who count. AllSay is an amazing two-way news tool!

3. Open-V Engineering Open Source 15

Open-V Engineering Open Source

Open-V Engineering Open Source focuses their time and energy on creating the best cloud enablement, service, and infrastructure experience possible. Engineering hardware and software to work together in the Cloud and in your Data Center, Open-V designs systems that permit servers, network, storage, and databases to work together seamlessly. OPEN-V's StackMAX™ is getting noticed as a breakthrough platform that brings the cloud to the client, under their control, behind their firewall.

4. iSageAlliance 6


An analytics team with global presence assisting market leaders take brilliant decisions with near real time capabilities and accuracy. iSageAlliance collects valuable information from within systems, networks and from the outside sources to present a comprehensive program that is strategically balanced for growth.  Their consultants analyze data work clients to create reports and data models accessible by the presentation software. Data migration and management are special areas of expertise for this firm, positioned for growth short and long-term.

5. LogiCoy 4


LogiCoy is a Global IT products, solutions and services company with 24/7 offices in the US, India, and UK serving large and high profile corporations around the globe.  Incorporated by former Sun Microsystems Senior Directors, Architects and Developers, LogiCoy provides middleware, and ESB products and Integration and SOA based Enterprise Application Integration and Composite Application solutions with the transparency and low cost of Open Source and superior 24/7/365 support. LogiCoy combines its domain expertise (Finance, Telecom, and Healthcare) and proven software development methodologies with one of the industry’s most talented former Sun and SeeBeyond development teams to deliver quality and cost-effective composite applications and solutions.

6. neoRhino 2


neoRhino is a cutting edge firm specializing in IT Consulting, Business Continuity and VoIP Phone System. Integrating hardware from phones to printers to off-site laptop with the necessary software, neoRhino professionals seamlessly meld the components into a manageable business structure that works consistently and without interruption. Exceptional certified technicians are available 24/7 to respond to concerns or update systems. Servers, data storage, networks are monitored remotely with the latest methodologies so most issues are avoided before they happen. Headquarters in fast-growing Houston, Texas neoRhino is poised for significant growth.

7. VND 1


VND is a rapidly growing firm with expertise in Web Design, Web Hosting, Programming and Web Marketing. A team comprised of programming virtuosos, marketing experts, design specialists and IT gurus have combined to create a rare and esteemed group that is ready to expand. With a portfolio of impressive design work, VND is in high demand by clients seeking a one-source option for everything related to success in the universe of digital marketing.

8. Q | IT and Digital Talent Firm 1

Q | IT and Digital Talent Firm

Q is an IT/Digital Talent Firm with a focus on developing relationships and networking within the technology community in order to find great job opportunities for professionals and high quality talent for their clients. Q places equal emphasis on clients and talent, and strives to maintain strong communication channels for harmonious relationships. Q seeks out, screens, and places IT talent from web designers and programmers to mid-level management to top-level executives with extensive tech company experience. This tech-talent firm is perfectly situated to grow as fast as technology advances.

Let us know of other great companies; we'd love to feature them!

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