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8 Software Companies that Lessen the Load

It seems like there is not one company in business today that does not need some kind of unique software. Each company has specific problems that can only be solved with proper software development. These software companies help other companies improve by providing risk management, business forecasting, time-clock services, and more.

1. Christensen Computer Company 0

Christensen Computer Company works with community centers and nonprofits such as the YMCA and Boys & Girls Clubs to create software to fit their unique needs. They create modules that can be used at other organizations to help fulfill their missions.

2. etouches 0

etouches is an event software company. In 1998, they were an event planning company that saw the need for unique event planning software. Since then, they have focused solely on software development and grown continually since 2008. They are a subscription-based company that offers 15 modules to assist with every part of the event.

3. Byte Software 0

Byte Software focuses on mortgage software. Since 1985, their goal has been to simplify the mortgage process. Their customers are banks, brokers and credit unions all over the country that use this software for every step of the mortgage process. They work with CBCInnovis to provide the best mortgage solutions possible.

4. PropertyBoss Solutions 0

PropertyBoss Solutions offers property management software. It is a network, cloud-based technology that can be used by multiple users from different locations. They work in a partnership with customers to offer the best possible service.

5. Business Forecast Systems Inc 0

Business Forecast Systems Inc helps companies look into and prepare for the future. Their goal is to help business plan ahead to order the right amount of inventory and cut excess costs. Their software helps reduce costs of the day-to-day operations. It’s not a crystal ball, but it’s pretty close.

6. Transportation Resource Associates Inc 0

Transportation Resource Associates, or TRA, works to create security and safety software for transportation companies across North America. Since 1990, TRA has been working for transportation, government, and construction/manufacturing companies to help them solve unique problems. From Philadelphia, PA, they have hired a diverse team of specialists to help take care of customers’ dynamic needs.

7. Time Data Systems Inc 0

Time Data Systems Inc is a payroll company serving the United States, Mexico, and Canada since 1988. They offer basic time-in and out services as well as high-tech badges. Not only do they offer the software, they offer the technology to meet their customer’s unique set of needs.

8. House Of Code Inc 0

House of Code Inc creates software to help with asset optimization, trade compliance, credit risk management and hedge accounting. They have been working out of New York City and Mumbai, India for 12 years, giving them a unique multicultural edge.

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