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7 Top Influential Bloggers in Chicago

7 Top Influential Bloggers in Chicago



7 Top Influential Bloggers in Chicago

1. Joe Cahill

Joe Cahill is a columnist at Crain’s, he was named editor in 2005. His recent articles have covered topics such as “Three reasons for home at McDonalds”, and “One question for Google and AbbVie: Why not Illinois?” Joe is a top resource on all things business in Chicago. He is influential in that he has the experience and the expertise that not all bloggers have.

2.The Chicagoist

The Chicagoist covers all things Chicago. They are the go to source for info about food, entertainment, sports. The Chicagoist is an influential blog in Chicago, simply because of their reputation and amazing writers. They have the ability to cover hundreds of stories a week, in an engaging and attention grabbing way.  

3.Timeout Chicago

Timeout Chicago is your source for all things to do in Chicago. If there is a concert, or a fest, they know about it. They are going to tell you the fun things going on in your neighborhood every weekend. We love this, because in a city as big as Chicago, it is hard to decide what to do! They are the authority in restaurants, events, and bars in Chicago.

4. John Pletz

John Pletz is a reporter at Crain’s. He has been with Crain’s since 2007, and covers stories such as “Why Motorola is betting it’s time for wearable’s with 360 watch” and “What to make of Groupon’s restaurant-deal gumbo.” He focuses on software and technology. John is an influential Chicago blogger, because of his experience and knowledge of the tech industry.

5. Shia Kapos

Shia Kapos is a writer at Crain’s Chicago Business. She writes about what business people do away from the office. Shia has been with Crain’s for seven years, and before that worked at Tribune and People Magazine. Shia covers all things Chicago business people, from where they are eating, to who they are marrying, or where they are donating their money. She covers top execs, and power brokers, because people do not usually get to see the person behind the businessman. Shia is an influential Chicago blogger, because she stays focused, and has original content on her topic. She feels that if a Blogger can “ be accurate and dependable, people will keep coming back to your blog.”

6. World Business Chicago Blog

World Business Chicago is a non-profit organization, led by Jeff Malehorn. They work with private sector growth and jobs by creating a business friendly environment. Their blog covers a range of expertise, from business development, to marketing. They are the authority in business here in Chicago, and write about every aspect of that.

7. Chicago Blogger Network

Chicago Blogger Network is a community of bloggers, ranging for fashion, to food, to lifestyle. They work to connect bloggers with each other, and to help readers find blogs that they will love. They have over 650 bloggers in their network. Their goal is to educate and create opportunities for all of the Chicago bloggers, through partnerships, and helping with sponsorship and product giveaways. They want to gain maximum exposure through partnerships. Chicago Blogger Network was founded by Kelly Ryan O'Brien and produced by Jill Badlotto.

Know any Chicago Bloggers we missed? Let us know below!



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