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7 Success Stories That Will Surprise You

7 Success Stories That Will Surprise You



The way we approach failure is what either makes or breaks our success. According to Forbes, “the only way to truly know who you are as a leader and a manager is to reflect on your failures.” When a restaurant is not doing well, they have two options: quit, and close up shop, or reinvent their recipes, change the atmosphere of the restaurants, and hire more hospitable waiters and waitresses. The same goes for any company or business. Companies that do not try to run or forget about their failures, but rather, embrace and learn from them, are more likely to succeed. Here are 7 success stories that will surprise you:

1. Industry Grants 67

Industry Grants

We are forward thinkers who set out to create an authentic solution when it comes to government grants, allowing us to be self-reliant. We use a methodical approach to redefine the search so that it is easy and intuitive. Thanks for doing your part moving society forward.


“We are the first place you can find everything that you are looking for as it relates to government grants. We have the platform and are here to help people find the grants that they need to be successful.” Cara Wasilewski, CEO & Founder

2. Greystones Group 35

Greystones Group

Headquartered in Washington, DC, Greystones is a diversified, small disadvantaged business specializing in Training and Education, Information Technology, and Research and Communications services. Greystones is structured to support local and overseas programs with strong leadership based on in-depth, mission critical experience in the U.S., Afghanistan, Iraq, Cuba and Africa. Program support includes recruiting, screening, training and managing tactical/technical roleplayers, and personal/technical security operators. Greystones supports training scenarios for operations and for the development of operational awareness for professionals preparing to either working in or preparing to conduct training in scenarios based on high threat areas/situations of the world.


“I hire people that are smarter than me and focus on persistence, I know when to keep it up and when to let it go, that is how we stay successful.” - Sheila Duffy, President

3. Nine Labs 18

Nine Labs

User Experience Design. Digital Strategy. Brand Experience Design.


We help companies create delightful experiences. We understand your business and how it works to create a meaningful experience. We're especially suited to work with companies who create consumer focused products and services and recognize that web/mobile technology can help them achieve their business goals. All while wanting cutting edge expertise to help guide their efforts


“If success is what you are chasing, you will never find it. You need to focus on doing good work for the clients, community and family you are surrounded by--that is how you achieve success.” - J Cornelius, Founder & President

4. Danesc 17


We specialize in providing IT turnkey solutions to businesses and governments without compromising quality and support. Our goal is to become your trusted advisor and strategic IT partner to help bridge your business challenges with IT solutions. We are experts in developing and implementing IT models and high-performance teams, helping your company increase revenues by lowering IT investments without sacrificing quality of work. DANESC has extensive experience developing and managing high-traffic websites that are interactive and socially driven, developing Facebook and mobile applications for iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows devices.


“Focus on your passion--and run with it. If you love to take out garbage, you can make millions doing that. Network and ask for help, don’t be afraid.”  - Daniel D. Escobar, Founding Partner

5. ESRA: Electronic Signature & Records Association 6

ESRA: Electronic Signature & Records Association

The Electronic Signature and Records Association (ESRA) is the premier trade association representing organizations that adopt or provide electronic signature and document technology. Founded in 2006, ESRA’s mission is to further public policy and educate its members and the general public on current legal, regulatory and operational issues regarding the use of electronic signatures and records.


“We are able to apply a simple model to complex business or transactions and scenarios to improve the experience for the consumer, leverage operational efficiencies for the business and provide increased transparency for all.” - Jeff Knott, Executive Officer & Board Member

6. Monscierge 5


Monscierge is an international interactive software company that helps hotels connect today’s savvy traveler to the trusted local recommendations they seek on-site and on-the-go. From lobby to phone to tablet and beyond, Monscierge has created a truly holistic system of elegant connections. Simply put, we empower hospitality professionals to better connect with their guests and stay ahead of the technology curve.


“As we see technology and the market shifting, especially within hospitality industry, it is about hotels needing to have immediate and constant communication with their guests--it must be seamless and easy. Easy to use, easy to do business with, easy to get and affordable.” - Kacey Butcher, Chief Business Development Officer

7. Red Square Biz 4

Red Square Biz

As Founder and Principal Consultant Oleg provides professional services to corporate clients in the areas of Agile Software Development, Information Security, Project and Vendor Management, Compliance, and M&A. Oleg’s portfolio includes successful delivery of numerous advisory projects in different industries including Telecommunications, Retail and Internet Search. Oleg has been involved in a variety of international opportunities and has published multiple articles in the leading Russian Venture Capital magazine, The Angel Investor.


“When the business asks for agile or lean, they are asking you to be responsive to their changing needs. It is a way to transform IT from a cost center into a competitive advantage.” - Oleg Sinitsin, Founder & Principal

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