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7 Saas companies heating up the country

Here’s a list of Saas companies that we’ll be keeping our eye on at MeetAdvisors.

Make sure to vote to get your favorite company to the top of the list!

Know any other Saas companies we should have included?  Let us know in the comments below and we’ll consider it for our next Saas list!

1. REthink CRM 257

REthink CRM is changing the way real estate professionals do business by using the force.com platform.  Real estate is an industry where it is imperative that you stay connected with your clients, listings, leads, and transactions to maintain a respectable image.  However, REthink CRM understands that no real estate professionals are exactly alike; therefore, they provide a highly customizable solution for both commercial and residential real estate professionals in order for them to manage all of their data using just one database.  Their cutting edge technology is helping redefine the way real estate business is practiced globally.

2. IdeaScale 165

IdeaScale is brings out the best ideas from your customers and stakeholders by giving them a platform to share, vote, and discuss feedback.  The first big step in innovation management is letting your customers submit their own ideas.  Then, as people start voting and discussing, a community forms around your brand, which lets you understand your customers in a more informal way than numerical data.  As the conversation continues, you’ll see the most valuable ideas rise to the top of the list, which helps your brand solve problems and create new ideas from knowing what your community really wants.

3. Pixafy 42

Pixafy brings its past knowledge of building sophisticated Magento sites to their new, intuitive products for growing merchants that do not have Enterprise budgets.  Customers can choose from flexible, affordable, user-friendly products, which can help launch a store instantly, provide rapid Magento development, or provide hosting made for developers.

4. Mobelux 4

Mobelux is a product team available for hire, whether you need a development partner, the next big idea, or want help getting your product on mobile, Mobelux is there for you.  The Mobelux team is a collective of designers and developers who are dedicated to making good software, so they are people you can trust with your business.

5. Mindgrub 3

Mindgrub fuses creative and technical expertise in mobile app development, web development, and social media.  Mindgrub focuses on providing innovative solutions for enterprises using platforms and technologies such as iPhone, iPad, Android, and Drupal.  Mindgrub conceptualizes projects and forms campaigns from start to finish, while keeping the clients’ goals and audiences in mind.  Mindgrub’s technological versatility and comprehensive approach to problem solving is tested on daily projects, which range from developing mobile and rich applications to augmented reality frameworks.  Their design, marketing, and social media teams also helps the client reach their overall campaign goals. 

6. Greenphire 1

Greenphire is changing the way research professionals work as the industry’s leading provider of clinical payment technology.  Their proprietary workflow automation and advanced web-based payment technology helps clients improve operation efficiency, reduce costs, mitigate regulatory risks, increase subject retention and compliance, all while producing quantifiable results that improve clinical operations and strategic planning.  Greenphire puts the power of technology in your hands in order to make global clinical payments simpler, faster, and easier to track.

7. Willow Tree Apps 0

Willow Tree Apps’s outstanding performance has lead to the world’s leading companies to turn to them for their mobile strategy, design, and development needs.  Willow Tree Apps believes that software design and development are not commodities, and they also believe that true talent can perform at a very high level.  Willow Tree Apps has brought the best people from the industry together and created a suite of skills required for true enterprise-level mobile deployments including the following: mobile strategy, mobile design, native app development, responsive web development, mobile security, and much more. 

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