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Known for steel, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania also is a leader of industries ranging from aluminum to sports to electronics. They also have a very strong start-up community.  Mabbly lists the seven must-watch startups in Pittsburgh: 

1. BudgetSimple

BudgetSimple is an online financial advisor that helps you answer the most important question, “Can I afford this?” They do this by analyzing your finances and helping you create a budget planner, which will show you how you can cut your expenses and grow your savings. They are on our list because they have stellar reviews with a growing database.

2. AthleteTrax

AthleteTrax is a cloud based sport team management platform, which provides scheduling, communication, video, workouts, and fundraising tools for players, coaches, and administrators. We included them on our list because of their great product and philanthropic efforts. You are able to you AthleteTrax as a fundraising tool to help you reach your audience by publishing your campaign right on their website.

3. FlikBak

FlikBak is a fun and easy way to create video mashups with friends. It allows you to record a short video and send it to your friends, who will also record a video and send it on. Flikbak then combines all the videos and sends a mashup of everyone's videos back to the users. We picked Flikbak to our list because we think they have great potential to go very far in this industry. Their idea is very unique and will keep surprising its users.

4. Tagalong Tour

Tagalong Tour allows users to create and take walking tours through a selected city or neighborhood, introducing them to different points of interest and giving them an easy way to explore and discover a city. We chose Tagalong Tour as one of the startups for our list because they won Startup Pitch Weekend in Pittsburgh and they are very ambitious!

5. Thread

Thread collects trash in the developing world and turns it into the most innovative products possible such as messenger bags, backpacks, clutches and more. They set an example for environmentally conscious innovation, by providing economic opportunity and improving the general welfare of the public. We chose them because of their mission of turning waste into usable products and also because of the large growth they have had since 2011.

6. Inktd

Inktd is a cloud-based scheduling platform for tattoo shops. It organizes appointments for tattoo artists, minimizing no-shows with automated rescheduling and text message reminders for clients. We added them to our list because they have a great online presence and have shown that they are able to expand to other areas.

7. Diamond Kinetics

Diamond Kinetics provides the most accurate data and comprehensive training tools to rapidly improve baseball and softball players skills and performance. Their SwingTracker provides its users drills, exercises and tools that will consistently improve their swing mechanics and performance. We chose Diamond Kinetics because of their innovative technology that will change the realm of Baseball and Softball and we see the potential of the company.

 Know any rising startups we should have included? Submit a comment below and we will consider it for our next list!  


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