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Community Blog / 7 Kids that Made their Mark in Business

When most of us were younger than 17-years-old, starting a business was probably the furthest thing from our minds. The seven entrepreneurs below were all under that age when they created highly lucrative businesses.

1. SuperJam: Fraser Doherty

A 14-year-old boy in Scotland named Fraser Doherty first started making jam for his own enjoyment with his grandmother's recipe. By the time Fraser was 16, there was a tremendous demand for his jam. Aside from running this highly successful company, Fraser also found time to write a book called The SuperJam Cookbook, which can be found on Amazon.com.

2.  Cheers & Tears: Cameron Johnson

By the age of 10, Cameron Johnson was making $7,000 per month in revenue from his own custom line of greeting cards called Cheers and Tears. Before he graduated high school, it was estimated that he had earned about $1 million. However, he sold the company and software at age 19. 

3.  Miss O & Friends: Julieth Brindak 

Whens he was 10-years-old, Julieth created a group of fictional female characters that she dubbed the Cool Girls, naming the main character Miss O. However it wasnt until she was 16 and with the help of her parents that she launched her own website. Once the site went live, thousands of young girls started taking notice of the characters and used it as an outlet to express themselves, learn about a number of different topics, and play games. Currently the site has 10 million visitors a month and is supposedly worth $15 million. 

4.  E-Book Yearbook: David and Catherine Cook 

When this brother-sister team was 11 and 14-years-old, respectively, they moved to a town called Skillman in New Jersey. Upon starting a new school they went through the yearbook to see if they recognized anyone. Sadly, they found the information to be useless or trivial, but it did spark an idea in both of them which lead them to ask "What if we put the whole thing online? In the first year they had 950,000 people join the site, and it is estimated to be have a value of $100 million. 

5.  Summly: Nick DAloisio

At age 12, Nick DAloisio taught himself how to write code while he attended The Wimbledon School. At 17-years-old he sold an app that he created in his spare time to Yahoo for a whopping $30 million pay day. Part of what makes it so valuable is the apps ability to find news stories and condenses them into a few paragraphs via Nicks own algorithm.

6.  Cooltronics: Tyler Dikman 

When he was 10-years-old, Tyler got his first computer that he learned in and out, mainly by dissembling it and putting back together. Once he was knowledgeable enough, he began his first side business, earning $15 per hour. By the time Tyler was 15-years-old, he started his own company called Cooltronics, a computer repair shop. His company is now doing millions of dollars worth of business.

7.   Leanna's Hair: Leanna Archer

When Leanna Archer was 13-years-old, she was constantly receiving compliments on her hair and was asked how she got her hair to look so nice. Leanna would only say that her grandma had a secret recipe. That gave her the idea of starting her own business. Leannas grandma made a giant batch of her secret hair cream and Leanna started selling them to her schoolmates. The rest is history. 


Posted by Adam Fridman
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