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7 Keys To Create a Healthy Work Environment for Your Business

7 Keys To Create a Healthy Work Environment for Your Business



If you've ever worked in a toxic environment, you know how much it can effect your daily life. From quality of work to productivity to personal life, a stressful work environment can be draining. By creating a healthy work environment in the office, employees will be excited to come to work, enjoy their time there, and look forward to work the next day. But a healthy work environment doesn't just happen overnight - it happens over time with the development of a strong office culture. Here are 7 keys to create a healthy work atmosphere and environment in your office:

1. Giftstarter 15


Give amazing gifts you're proud to give, and they're happy to get. From a group or from yourself, we'll help make it happen. GiftStarter. Bring people together to give a gift they've always wanted. GiftStarter’s patent-pending technology divides the perfect gift into “tiles,” giving friends and family the ability to purchase as much or as little as they wish. Any product available online can be gifted through GiftStarter - simply search from the millions of products available in our catalog or contact our Gift Concierge with your request. Once your gift is funded, we’ll mail a handmade card featuring a personal message from each Gifter and ensure the gift is shipped for you. It’s that easy.

“Culture is created by each individual within a healthy workplace. We build great teams and have very open communication to make sure that everybody is accountable and happy.” - Arry Yu, CEO & Cofounder

2. Jobfully 10


Founded by technology entrepreneurs and job search experts, Jobfully.com is a Redmond, WA based company, committed to helping job seekers getting the jobs they want. While working with job seekers for the past years, Mei Lu, CEO of Jobfully, recognized the needs for a simple, straight-forward and affordable solution that empowers millions of job seekers to reach their job search goals. Built on its founders’ experience, commitment and passion to help job seekers, Jobfully.com developed an easy-to-follow plan to guide job seekers effectively and successfully job search in today’s job market. Based on Open Source platforms, Jobfully.com works closely with its technology partner, Conceivian Corporation, on the development and operations of its online solutions.


“Ultimately, the most important thing in an employee’s happiness is that you constantly expand their horizons and allow them to grow. They want to constantly be challenged and to be educated, especially in the tech and software industries--they must always be moving ahead of the curve.” - Mei Lu, CEO

3. Shoutz 7


Shoutz is an award-winning marketing, technology, and gaming company that combines the rewarding and fun experiences of mobile gaming with consumer engagement and loyalty programs within retail, media, and entertainment industries. With its innovative use of digital media, Shoutz has already given lotteries the power to better engage their players, accurately measure their marketing efforts, and optimize their fundraising abilities. Shoutz is also pioneering efforts to create loyalty and consumer engagement software for mobile apps.


“We believe that a healthy work environment is one of empowerment and investing in our people. We maintain open conversations and give back by sponsoring Coursera for our employees.” - Jamie Smith, Vice President Marketing Services

4. Website Properties 7

Website Properties

At Website Properties, we specialize in selling established website businesses & internet business opportunities. Unlike traditional Brick & Mortar Business Brokers, our primary focus and expertise is centered exclusively on online business properties. That single minded focus means the sale of your online business will receive the expertise and attention it deserves.


“A company is the sum total of it’s employees, motivating them through autonomy and the ability to make key decisions is what creates a healthy work environment. From profit sharing to company picnics, my team is my family and that’s what allows us to succeed.” - David Fairley, Founding Partner, President

5. Distributed Media Solutions 5

Distributed Media Solutions

Working with partners Aerva and imagotag, DMS offers customers in North, Central and South America an integrated, versatile, and cost effective cloud-based solution that provides tangible benefit and competitive advantage. We provide the hardware and stage, provision, ship, and support it for any customer, while providing the services and support required to help customers integrate, pilot and roll out their solutions.  We work closely with our OEM partners and their global System Integrators, to address customers of any size and complexity.   


“As long as people are on time and effective with their deliverables, we let them work the way they want. We don’t require desk time or firm work hours, this keeps our employees happy and makes sure we are successful.” - Don Davis, Founder

6. MobileMind 4


MobileMind was founded by former AirWatch leadership with the goal of bringing together mobile technology experts and educational technologists to address the challenges of mobile technology enablement in education. This unique marriage of rare and sought after skill-sets was born from the realization that, in K-12 and universities, the nuances of implementing device management solutions, training teachers and IT staff, and managing student devices are vastly different than in any other industry. This fact has shaped our company by driving a mission of bridging the gaps between IT and Instructional stakeholders; merging technical implementation and device management with relevant professional development.


“We keep it fun and down to earth, we have an xbox in the office, support telecommuting and a flexible schedule. Happy employees is a key to our success.” - Tim Farrow, COO

7. Modestspark 3


We are a software company that creates incredible products for Registered Investment Advisors. Founded by enterprise software professionals with backgrounds in wealth management, we've built the ultimate client experience application that integrates reporting, statements, documents and social to help Advisors communicate with their Clients. Our platform uses your existing portfolio management system to power apps for your Firm and your Clients. Whether you're in the office or on the go, our solution is providing the modern client experience you need as an Advisor.


“As a software company, it is important we have a fun environment, without the sterile office feel. We give our team flexibility to be with their family and enjoy a laid back space, ultimately, we know that this drives success and long term dedication.” - Brian Bero, Founder

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