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Ever since I began interviewing tech investors and entrepreneurs around the globe for my blog, I have received thousands of pitches and requests for one-on-one interviews. I sat down recently with my friend Piers Dillion-Scott, Editor-in-Chief at Dublin’s award-winning tech media company The Sociable, to discuss what we like best for getting us to write about your company.

Below is a mashup of our top 7 Insider Tips for Getting Press Coverage.

1. Do ResearchTake time to research who you are sending your story or press release to. Getting your story even considered is like a job interview. You are just one person in a long line of job applicants that is fighting to get the same job as you.



2. Skip the LineOnce you have done your research, you can now skip the long line of job applicants. How is this, you say? Well, instead of taking the easy route and emailing the generic “tip” or contact form email address, as a result of your research, you are going to know every writer that has covered your subject area, where they hang out on social media, the way they talk, their likes and dislikes, hobbies, work hours, and so on.

3. Tell an Interesting StoryNow that you have a great understanding of the journalist that you want to pitch to in addition to their company email address, you will now be able to tell a more appealing story. When a journalist or blogger you researched reads your story, it will sound as if you are talking directly to them in a personal way, and they will begin to see that you have actually taken time to know what specific topics they cover and what kind of story appeals to them.

4. Get Attention with the Subject Line - Email is still one of the most popular and most preferred ways that journalists and bloggers prefer to be contacted. In order to even have your email read, you must first have your email opened! Think of your email as a person navigating his or her way through a large crowd of people trying to get someone’s attention...along with 500 others. If you all have the same type of clothing on, do you think your great personality is going to get noticed in just a quick glance or audience scan? There are many ways to get noticed, so be creative and think outside of the box.

5. Remember that Journalists and Bloggers Are People Too - If you forget to start by saying, “Hi (Person’s First Name)”, you might as well just assume that you just lost the basketball game right after the tip off!

6. Keep it Short and Sweet - I will tell you right now, if you send me a long email, you might as well have just sent your story directly to my recycle bin. Simple, compelling and straight-to-the-point is great. State exactly what you want from me, make it relatable and please keep it to 3 to 5 sentences, with no large file email attachments to take up precious storage space.

7. Follow-upMake sure you follow up with the person that you are seeking out. On the flip side, I highly recommend that you do not email or message them the same day asking if they have read your email yet. Like a friend of mine says, “Don’t be a bugaboo”! Wait a few days and then politely reach out to them asking if there is anything else that they need for your story. Oh yeah, always make sure that you end with, “Thank you!”


Written by Eric Strait, chief editor at Tech Hustlers

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